Miyamoto: 'Have confidence' in Nintendo's ability to develop for the Vitality Sensor


“I don’t have any indication for you (of what we have in the works) other than to say that we have lots of very creative ideas.”

This kind of sucks I wish I knew what ideas they were throwing around.

You can put your penis in it.

Shit is pointless.

Do I have to wear a special condom or can I go bareback???

Really? I’m curious as to why you think that I’ll give you that technically right now it is since he hasn’t shown anything but to be honest I could see some uses. Depends on what exactly it measures as well.

We really don’t know wtf nintendo could do with it, so I ain’t saying shit about it, other than it looks like a great fucking tool.

I hope the Vitality Sensor has “Touch” sensors inside the thing, that way, when we pull our dick out, it happens IN REAL TIME, ON THE SCREEN.

Now that would be a cool use of this technology.

Hopefully the Sensor is splash proof. Otherwise its lame.

Stand by my word. I think the shit is pointless. Every time we mention it somebody always has some lame joke about putting your dick in it. Nobody even knows how this will affect games in any way possible.

Exactly, we don’t know. So you saying it’s pointless right now is at best misguided.

…ur lame :neutral_face:

It is but I have no other way to feel about it. Like they showed it at E3 and that was it.

Well I agree I’d prefer them to have shown it with ideas and software but whatever. They might also be worried that any ideas they have might be taken by competitors.

I can see it being a gimmick to test your heart rate after you’re done using your Wii so you can see if you were getting a workout or not…

So you can’t possibly think of anything else they could do with heartrate? At the very least I can come up with an Eternal Darkness sequel using that to determine or override the sanity meter. Heartrate is likely something it tracks but what if it tracks other things?

I said I could SEE it being like that. I didn’t say anything about what it could be capable of. But as far as adding it into a story game to detect heart-rate for emotions and stuff, I don’t see that happening. It’s a video game. Some people I know are completely void of emotion when playing games. Even scary ones. I mean, I know you’re being attacked by zombies, but it’s not really YOU being attacked…

If they aren’t feeling it how about you pump up the creepy? If its really a heart-rate the only limit is how the dev’s mind thinks. If you can use the info given to detect emotion then I would want devs to do it in alot of titles.

I think it might be able to work with survival horror. But I can not get scared by anything on the Wii because graphic wise everything looks shitty. Dead space with the sensor on the 360/PS3 might work out. For a console that is not bound in realistic graphics to have this device is odd to me.

Graphics have nothing to do with creepiness, man.

When something jumps out at you, you’re all like whoa man where’d that come from.

[quote=“nothere413”]Graphics have nothing to do with creepiness, man.

When something jumps out at you, you’re all like whoa man where’d that come from.[/quote]

But if it looks like pixelated shit I cant be scare. Dead Space scared the shit out of me cause it looked so good and the sound engineering was kick ass. Graphics have to do alot with creepiness the fuck you talking about.

You’ve never been sacred in a videogame before ever?