Microsoft wants Natal games to be new experiences

Natal to focus on brand new experiences.

Which is confusing as to why they bothered to retrofit Burnout with it.

Natal in millions of homes Holiday 2010

Hmm maybe if they pack it in.

Unless it really works and it can play all games and not that casural shit I’m not picking it up. Hell If it does work and I can play The Orange Box with it I might not pick this up.

Depends on how they do things. It could be an amazing peripheral. I do find it surprising how Microsoft thinks developers are going to create new games around it when I think its just going to be shoehorned into a mode in something like Fable 3.

People in hell want ice water…

Oh please, they throw that “new experience” BS out when describing RPGs like Fable and Mass Effect.

Who knows. Although any new game could be called a new experience. We’ll see I’ll give them till E3 coverage is over to start showing games for natal. Either way Microsoft needs to realize its going to have to compete with Wii Motion Plus Zelda.