Microsoft now owns ZeniMax Media

Zenimax Online
Id Software
Tango Gameworks
Alpha Dog

All games released so far and future titles will now be on Game Pass

This is a BIG get for Microsoft.

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But I was just saying last night that GhostWire is a PS5/PC exclusive now. :thinking: Wonder if they’ll honor existing deals or force a change.

Also, I hope this works out better than Rare.

Also, gonna be weird that Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be ported to everything under the sun like Skyrim and Oblivion were.

Comment from elsewhere:

Vista no longer the buggiest product ever released by MS



Guess Microsoft’s strategy is to acquire everything.

They will.

Despite getting Double Fine last year, Psychonauts 2 will still come to PlayStation.

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Something something fake Yamauchi interview something something

This is a crazy nuclear option, there’s no way in hell Microsoft gets a return on that 7.5 billion with those games being exclusive to Xbox/PC.

What sucks though is Xbox fans have spent this entire generation trying to drum up a narrative of “No wait Sony is ACTUALLY the anti consumer one” with the Call of Duty deal and even something as small as Spider-Man being exclusive DLC for Avengers. You won’t hear a fucking peep from them now :lol:

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The Disney of video games

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BTW this also means Microsoft is technically releasing deathloop & GhostWire: Tokyo as a timed exclusives against itself for Sony.

Maybe they aren’t going to. If that were true though then I wouldn’t see the point in an acquisition.

Multi-billion dollar acquisitions by Microsoft:

  • aQuantive (2007, $6.333B) – MS took a $6.2B writedown for this in 2012
  • Skype (2011, $8.5B)
  • Nokia mobile (2013, $7.5B)
  • Mojang (2014, $2.5B)
  • LinkedIn (2016, $26.2B :shocked:)
  • GitHub (2018, $7.5B)
  • ZeniMax (2020, $7.5B)

Pretty interesting!

I think it can only serve to keep Bethesda as horrible as it is or perhaps improve them.

I think that’s fairly positive way to look at it. We’ll see but Fallout / Elder Scrolls are basically dead atm anyways, so what could happen, those games get even worse as they already are?

Maybe they’ll just keep it all the same and just shutter ESO. I guess that would be the worst case scenario for the franchise.

I can see Scrolls 6 and the like being timed exclusives to Microsoft platforms in the future. People won’t want to miss that at or close to release the way the internet likes to be the first to spoil things.

The Evil Within Collection for Switch dream still lives!!! :pray:

Up next in the crazy world we live in:

  • Sony buys Square-Enix
  • Nintendo buys Platinum Games

I’m still adamantly against Sony buying Square Enix. They would seriously be better off buying Sega and getting Atlus as a bonus.

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Oh I’m not saying it’d be good or bad (I’d prefer publishers remain independent from hardware manufacturers, all other things being equal.) Just commenting on rumors/likelihoods.

Sony buying Sega… not sure that one makes sense tbh. :thinking: Atlus yes, kinda. But Sega as a whole… it’d feel a lot like MS buying Rare to me.

I was leaning towards Sega because they have a lot of IP that has been badly managed but would thrive under Sony. The thing that people tend to forget is Sony took a bunch of C+ and B- studios and turned them into AAA. Sonic is certainly still relevant due to the success of the movie but the actual games lately have been lackluster and Sony could change that. Along with boosting Phantasy Star and getting more projects out of Atlus.

Sonic Mania baybeeee