Microsoft E3 Supposed lineup

MS E3 big drops. Xbox Fluid - New Motion camera! Splinter Cell Conviction Halo ODST Alan Wake APB Metal Gear Solid 4 + Oxide (Show Finale)

Metal gear solid + Oxide is one title.

For the questions about MGS+O being show finale: Konami will announce a 360 exclusive (NOBODY outside of Kon has been told what this is)…

After that they announce MGS4+O as a 360 exclusive. MS have also cut LostPlan2, AssCreed2, Bioshock 2, GTA.BAAFLC, to 3 min slots.

E3: The Molyneux / Lionhead project “Richter” will show at E3. In fact, it will open it After Progress/xbla titles are shown

The fuck is GTA.BAAFLC? The Metal Gear game I’m not too sure about that being true. I’m not sure about any of the rumors. Except the full body motion control I believe MS is dumb enough to go for that.

If there IS an MGS release, I think it would be a port of 4 with some extra stuff.

However, I don’t think it’ll happen.

I can’t see another game in the MGS franchise coming ever.

If anything, they would call it Metal Gear Something Else.

MGS Touch just came out.

Lol. If its a port with new levels or something I will buy but if its a direct port then I don’t want it. MGS4 had the sweetest gameplay but It barley let me play it because of the stupid story and it having to service all the fucking fans.

Ehhh… Fuck Kojima.

You know you still love him.

Meh. MGS is a decent franchise, but I haven’t played anything else.

You don’t rike it??

I don’ta rike it at arr.

I think it would be cool if a Metal Gear game went to the 360. SORRY MY OPINION IS DIFFERENT


That shit has been stuck in my head since last night I hate you.:frowning:

Alan Wake!?!?! :heart;



Poor girl.

I think we’re getting to the point where Alan Wake should be classified as vaporware.

As for E3, Assassin’s Creed 2 is the one I want to see most, but I am curious about how Halo ODST will turn out, and I want to see how Ubi has changed Splinter Cell Conviction.


Never. [/quote]

:brokenheart; I hate you all, too.


Alan Wake’ll come out the same time Duke Nukem Forever comes out