Microsoft buying Streamers

This is crazy this is a thing.

Because Ninja needs more money. The streamers are the only winners in my opinion because Microsoft sucks at succeeding anymore lol

Microsoft also has Skype.


This always works out great for Microsoft. When they were paying people to run Bing ads it pretty much killed Google’s ad business and also Google search. They paid people to use Windows Phone and now we don’t even remember the name of Apple’s phone! I’m sure after this Twitch will be dead in a matter of months!


They shoulda bought some THOT streamers instead of Ninja. I think he’s past expiration date at this point.

Very legal, very cool.

Goodbye Mixer

Imagine giving up all your Twitch clout for a check from MS only to get laid off less than a year later.

Whats gonna be really sad is when all these game studios MS bought get shut down in 5 years

Not surprised.

Yeah forgot some of the people abandoned their twitch channels to do this. I’m guessing people like Ninja will be fine but he will have to restart on getting subscribers.

The fact so far holds true.

You can’t be a successful game video streaming service without IRL titty streamers.

Imagine getting paid $50 million for 11 months of work.

Or as Robert Downey Jr. Calls it, 10 months and 28 days too long.

Yeah to be honest I don’t think those streamers are worried. It does make me wonder what Microsoft thinks though.

Speaking of streamers

Who does that represent? I don’t follow streamers much. :expressionless:

Its Dr. Disrespect he plays alot of battle royale games. He’s one of the super popular streamers. Sources are saying he’s permanently banned and there’s no story as to why.

Nothing new in terms of info.

I hope it’s nothing legally serious, but Twitch going fully nuclear on him leads me to suspect possibly a contract breach like others have mentioned.

It was odd when I saw a clip of him not long ago where they were asking him about Shround and Ninja and the death of Mixer and he kind of glossed over the fact everyone was kicking Mixer when it was down, and mentioned that they’re going to Facebook and that it’ll shake up the industry.

Overall death of Mixer was being mocked, he was sounding somewhat positive about it. So who knows, maybe he entered into an arrangement to follow Shroud finally and with Mixer gone, details got found out and Twitch did what they always do.

The wrong thing.

That’s what I’m pulling for though.