Metal Slug games rule all other Slug-based games...

Finally had enough energy and comfortability to open a new game… Metal Slug Anthology for the PS2… that I got like a year ago. Played through the first 3 games yesterday and this morning, and I gotta say, thank the heavens for unlimited continues, because I’ve gotten crappier at these games in recent years.


The PS2 version, like the PSP and Wii versions, have all 7 of the original titles (MS 1, 2, X, 3, 4, 5, and 6). Metal Slug X, for those unfamiliar, is kind of like the Legend of Zelda 2nd Quest version of Metal Slug 2. Both 2 and X have an hilarious send-up of Independence Day at the very end of the game as well. I remember bursting out laughing when I first saw it years ago.

Not bad for the $20 or so I paid for it, especially considering I bought standalone Metal Slug X (PS1), and Metal Slug 4 & 5 (Xbox) for updates of $40 originally.

I had read a while back about load issues with the PS2 version, but I went with it anyway, because the Wii version doesn’t have Classic Controller functionality, which SNK addressed as Nintendo’s doing, because when they released it as a launch window game, Nintendo’s original plan was to have the Classic Controller be used for VC titles only and excluded them from using it as an alternate control scheme.

Regardless… I really haven’t had any problems with loading anything so far. The only load issue, and this one is really odd, is that when you die in Metal Slug 2 and X, and you have the choice to choose which character you want to continue as when you start up again, it actually goes to a quick loading phase when you select which character… almost like it’s re-loading the entire game under that character. Kind of weird.

Anyway… I’m having fun with it. And whenever I finish, I’ll probably pull Metal Slug Advance and Metal Slug 7 back out again. BTW… I read that the DS exclusive Metal Slug 7 is actually getting an Xbox Live port. Weird, huh?

Anyone else a fan of the series?


Not the Wii version? For shame spooie. :frown;


Shame on Nintendo for forbidding SNK from using the Classic Controller in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! Fuck 'em for using the Nunchucks! :Q

Fuck 'em using the Nunchucks? :blush;

Alright. I’m understanding the complaint about the whole load issues thing after playing through Metal Slug 3. Dunno if it was due to the multiple paths or the incredibly long final stage, but it kept stopping to load between level transitions throughout the whole game.

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me Metal Slug 3 was s damn long in the end of the game?


As if on cue… Metal Slug DOUBLE-X

I should mention that I’m playing Metal Slug 1 on SNK Arcade Hits for Wii right now. Nice to have the ENTIRE screen being used up, and noticeable lack of load times.

Which reminds me… PSP Metal Slug has to be the loadiest game I’ve played on the PSP yet. Way more than Puzzle Quest. Not just between the stages loading… but “randomly stop you mid-gameplay to load” stuff.