Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Amaterasu and I decided to open our gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve. He got me a Rogue shirt from Jinx, the Death Note Vol. 1 box set, and the Death Note live-action movie.

The first one? The first one was meh, second movie was much better IMO. >.> Is it the English dub? I’d actually like to see that.

Anyways congrats! I wonder what my siblings are going to give me tonight…

I get to go see my grandparents and my aunt/uncle tonight.

Oh joy…


The Death Note movie was alright, but a bit cheesy. The lip syncing was noticeably off when I watched the English dub. However, the dub is done by the anime’s original voice acting cast. So, re-hearing the voices I was use to hearing for the characters kind of made up for it.

The death scenes (aka the heart attacks) were really cheesy but that’s what made it entertaining. Also, the movie seemed a bit more ‘messed up’ (in a sick, twisted way) than the anime. However, the movie only covers the first handful of episodes; there’s a sequel coming out for the movie that will continue the series. Though based on the preview the DVD had, they changed the story a bit.

Overall, it’s not bad. The acting could have been better but meh, it’s worth checking out. I’m glad I have it.

Yeah there’s the sequel and then L: Change the WorLd. I haven’t see the latter yet, but I intend to soon.

I will say though that I enjoyed the second movie far, far, far more than the first.