Mega64 MegaThread ✪

EDIT: This is now the go-to thread for Mega64 discussion. Go wild.

There funniest one yet. :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw that. :lol

“Dude what are you talking about?” “Onion rings.” “Oh.” :lol


Dude, Sonic Blast sucked.

Necro bump cause I didn’t want to make a new thread, but this is also quite awesome.

Rocco hasn’t aged or changed body shape in 10 years. I’m pretty sure he’s a robot.


I was actually about to make a new thread about that video. I’ve become a huge fan of theirs in the past year or two and I think I’ve seen almost everything they’ve done now. It looks like Sequence Erase is going to be episode 18 of their series that was originally a pilot for a public access show back when they were 19. They’ve put out three volumes of episodes and it’s actually damn funny. The series is about the three being held hostage and forced to beta test a console that downloads old videogames directly into their brains (the Mega64) and that’s how their public gaming experiments get tied into it.

EDIT: I also HIGHLY recommend their “Gamer Warz” series that you can watch the entirety of on YouTube. It’s a collab with Tommy Tallarico and honestly I think the four episodes (1, 2, 3, and 5. They skip the number 4.) are possibly their best work. Some people absolutely hate it, but once you realize what they’re doing, it’s god damn amazing. It sort of reminds me of Tim and Eric’s best work. Episode 3 in particular had me in tears of laughter.

That was awesome tho.

I’ve also become a huge fan of theirs since this last PAX East (where I bought three of their DVD’s and they gave me a free Kutaragi’s Way mini poster.) I love everything they do and have been watching their podcast every week, it’s good shit.

Fuck yeah, I love their podcast, too. Have you heard the “Man from Boston” story?

Yeah. :rofl I wish I had been at their booth for that.

Holy shit, have you seen their faircasts? I’m watching through them and they’re all great. It’s basically just podcasts that they film at the county fair.

Also, this:

They still got it. :lol

I ordered this earlier today. … w-on-sale/

Can’t watch their podcast until tomorrow. :frowning:

Same here. It’s another McCartney-cast, though this time with Rocco, Garret, and Kevin.

Two weeks without Derrick on the podcast and I start getting withdrawals. #TimTamGate

Damn I just realized I’ve been missing Derek too. Ugggghhh. COME BACK TO US DEREK

Also, Rocco’s latest vid about exporting stuff in the Disney Land parking garage made me realize they spend way too much time at Disney Land. :lol (Well that and his figure unboxing vid.)

“He didn’t play it in LA because… I think he was warming up.”