Mega Man X

It’s not exactly what you think.

Or is it?

Do not want.

Give me Megaman Powered UP 2 already :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

[quote=“sbf717”]Do not want.

Give me Megaman Powered UP 2 already :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:[/quote]

God i would go apeshit over a remake of megaman 2, best thing ever

Dat easy money.


uh… wat.

I just want a modern day Mega Man game with all of the awesome of the old NES games, but with Mega Man 8’s graphics. Am I asking too much?? >_<

Yes. Yes you are.

You might as well be asking for a new Sonic game that ISN’T gimmicky and angering.

[quote=“sbf717”]Do not want.

Give me Megaman X9 16-bit already :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:[/quote]


Capcom… :argh You fooled me once with MM9. Nevar again.


MM8’s graphics??? those graphics sucked. MM7 was beyond better.

[quote=“nothere413”]EWWW GROSS!

uh… wat.[/quote]

Why are you h8in? Megaman is all obscure and stupid. Remember [strike]Flower[/strike] Plant man?

So I’m cool with these retarded ideas, this is what makes Megaman awesome, although I do agree a X9 would be awesome.

Oh boy another Mega Man game. I am shitting myself in excitement over here… :frown;

^Sucks at megaman games

^Sucks at embedding YouTube.

Also one vid [i]or [/I]pic per sig. >_>

did ppl hate mega man 9? i thought that game was bad ass!!! i cant wait for this one on and agreed on the mega man x9 thing

I’m hoping they do what I was hoping they’d do with 9, give us a game that looks initially like a new game, but has tweaks and little features all over that just wouldn’t have been possible with the nes. That would rock.

They did that in MM9… Like the rotating platforms…

Why couldn’t that have been done on the NES?

I think s/he’s talking about online features like leaderboards and such.

The rotating platforms definitely couldn’t have been done on the NES in the way MM9 did them.

And yeah, MM10 needs MORE ripoff DLC. Totally. :plain;

What? No way! Mega Man 8’s graphics are amazing, way better than Mega Man 7’s. =\