Meet the Crashes


Love the crash sound effects.

I think the Engineer’s "Damnit"s and the Demoman’s "Kaboom"s really made that video for me.

and [size=200]WE MUST STOP LITTLE BABY!!![/size]

I wonder who gave you that idea?

All the baby ones were great.

Especially the Bucket on head + Pyro voice one.

Gotta love TF2 quotes.


black cat, see saw, beach, and of course the stopping little baby thing was really very most funny, in a hilarical sort of way.

Holy fuck!

That cat came from no where and it wanted to bring that kid down. Did you see how it just walked away after it attacked? I’m kinda scared… :plain;

The one with the kid trying to hit the T and then fell over killed me. Why did they have to add, “I’m not even winded!” to it. XD

I sometimes feel winded too when the bat gets thrown out of my hands and I fell onto the T.

I have done the same shit in the golf cart, and proud of it. Drunk as fuck. Got thrown out though.

Ive done it without being drunk :smiley:

Not really exciting me, sorry.