Mech Warrior 5 is a-comin'!!


[quote]This morning, a teaser trailer appeared for a mysterious new title. One featuring a giant robot’s…foot. It was heavy, it was clunky, and got many people excited it was for Mechwarrior 5. And hey, it just might be!

IGN say that tomorrow morning they’ll be running an interview with a Mr. Jordan Weisman, who will explain what the trailer is all about. Jordan Weisman runs the company that now owns the rights to Mechwarrior. Jordan Weisman formed FASA, who used to own the rights to Mechwarrior.

So, yeah, it’s probably a new Mechwarrior game.[/quote]


Is that for real?

I don’t see how it isn’t.

MechAssault 1 and 2 were actually some of the only games I played for the original Xbox.

I really liked them.