Me? Finish PS2 games? LOLNO.

Which game should I play?

  • Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
  • Tales of Legendia
  • Samurai Legend Musashi

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Ok, I’m going through my old PS2 RPG collection, and it appears that I have several that I’ve never beaten. I plan on finishing all of them by the end of the year, but I don’t know which one to start with.

So… help me decide. The poll will close tonight around 11, which is when I’ll most likely start the game you guys pick for me.

Samurai Legend Musashi gets my vote, cause that game is epic.

Valkyrie Profile since its the only game on the list that was pretty interesting(didnt play Musashi but Legendia sucked)

Shut up, fag.

And yeah… the original Musashi is better.

I SO agree with this statement.

But that reminds me…I have a TON of games I need to beat for my ps2. A LOT.

I’ll start with the game, Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. I barely have played this.

Valkyrie Profile because it has the best battle system out of all of the games listed.

Halo 2. :plain;


lol what?


Just get “Mana Khemia”, I heard it quite a good game.

Out of fear, I’m not even gonna look it up.

I never have a problem finishing PS2 games for some reason.

It’s not a porno game, trust me.

But… Valkyrie Profile won.

What I meant to say was Star Ocean: Till the end of time.