Matt Casamassina leaves IGN Nintendo after 12 years

tear silently streams down cheek

He’ll still be on IGN and will continue to cover some big Nintendo games, but it’s the end of an era… I need a moment.

…OK, I’m good. Now that he’s multi-platform (well, he has been for a while, covering the Mobile/iPhone channel part-time), but TRULY multiplatform, he should get more well known and respected in the industry, and for his career it’s a good thing, and, and, and… >______<



Game Over.

The title is misleading, as he’s not leaving IGN. He’s simply no longer Nintendo-exclusive.

aka he’s bored of the Wii.

Hey at least he still has a job and you still get to read his writings.

Everyone I loved is gone off to either make games or write about them only internally at Sony :frowning:

Who really gives a fuck?

Man up. At least he’s not leaving IGN, if that matters.

Dayum, you people are harsh.

But seriously Andrex, stop being a pussy-cat.


I thought that being promoted was a good thing.

Yeah it is and I touched on that in the OP, but it’s like the end of an era… more than a straight decade covering Nintendo… He gave Nintendo fans hope when there truly was none.

…damn I sound like Chad in this post. >_> harshly scrubs skin repeatedly

Make sure that when you write his obituary, you say you’re sorry to hear he’s making more money.

Its good for him as much as I like Nintendo there are other consoles and games.

I’m harsh because I love.