Mass Effect 2 spoiler thread of "How it all ended"

Just beat Mass Effect 2 and I’m curious as to what happen at the end for everyone else.

Upgraded the Normandy with all that were suggested by my team

Final Play time: 22 hours

Final team

Everyone was loyal except for Legion and Jack
I took Miranda and Mordin with me on every part of the last mission

Team Members I lost
Jack- Left her with the 2nd team while I fought the boss and the bitch just died for no real reason at the end

Zaeed- Sent him to lead the second party

Legion- Sent him through the vent shaft

Final choice

I choose to give The Collector base to the Illusive man. My justification is that it could help humanity as a whole advance forward even if he is evil as fuck. It’s the reason why I let the Council die at the end of ME1 even though I played as 100% Paragon up to that point. In the end humanity deserves a spot at the top of the entire galaxy alongside the Asari, Turians, and Salarains.

It might come back to bite me in the end but my Shepard can kick the fuck out of Cerbeus and The Reapers

Final Play Time: 23 Hours

Final Team: Jack and Garris

Team Members Lost: Grunt and Thane.

Final Moment: I also choose to give The Collector base to the Illusive man.

Final Play Time: 20 something hours

Final Team: Garrus and Mordin

Team Members Lost: None good end

Final Moment: Blew the base up Illusive man might not be doing everything for evil but he has proven hes willing to do anything to stop the reapers. After leading me onto the ship knowing it was a trap and possibly knowing about what would happen with the reaper iff(almost lost my lovely kelly) I can’t trust him. Also fucker watched me fuck tali hes creepy and needs to stop looking at my shepcock.

Final Playtime: ?

Final Team: Miranda & Grunt

Team members Lost: Jack, Mordin, Tali

Final Choice: I gave the collector bast to the Illusive Man. I felt that he was true to his word most the game & he did save my life so I gave it up. I hope It does not screw me over for ME3. Also RENEGADE BITCHES!!!

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I’m working on Mass Effect I just replaced my 360 so I have to beat the first game first so my decisions transfer over.

I thought it was 23 hours but it was 29 hours.

Final Playtime: 27 hours on Hardened, 29 Insanity… I think.

Final Team: Tali and Garrus, finished ME1 with them as my team, decided to wrap ME2 up the same way.

Team Members Lost: Nobody on both playthroughs. Finished all the loyalty missions except Zaeed’s the first time, somehow he survived. Managed to finish all the loyalty missions the second time around.

Final Choice: Martin Sheen can go fuck himself, I blew that shit sky high. Mostly did it because it seemed like the right thing to do, but it also seemed like a really bad idea to give a human supremacist access to tech capable of building a Reaper. Oh, and the last guy to think he could make that tech work for him? Saren. We all know how that ended. Anyway, hopefully it won’t come back to bite me in the ass in ME3.

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33 hrs played

No one got left behind

All loyalty done, Paragon

Legion crawled the ducts while Garrus lead group two

Thane took the survivors

Samara covered us while Miranda lead group two

Solus and Jack on the last mission, for some reason I figured one of them would get themselves killed without me.

I do think it’s based somewhat on your upgrades who lives and dies, since Miranda seemed hit, but was only winded when it cut back.

Oh, I gave him the base. Evil, yes, thousands died for it, yes, but in the end all those people died for nothing if you destroy the base. Next play through will be with my renegade female adept, I’m gonna biotically tear the galaxy a new one.

Still gonna look for the Rachnai in ME3, since I know they’re doing well thanks to the messenger on Illium.