Marvel vs Capcom 2 [PS3] retail release confirmed! Same price with free goodies!

WTF no manual or Capcom unity points and only 15k made >_>

Where you get those? IWANTONE!!!

Roll threw them out the apt when she caught him with Princess Peach

[quote=“sbf717”]EAT A DICK PSN! RETAIL IS STILL KING!! :neutral_face:

[SPOILER]Joking…cuddles up to PixelJunk [/SPOILER]

Anyways for the same price as the download you get

  • Redemption Code for full game (So it’s not burned on Blu-Ray)
  • DVD case with sleeve (AWESOME!)
  • 8 page color manual with artwork and moves list (COLOR MANUAL FUCK YEAH!)
  • 1 month free subscription to Marvel Digital Comics ($9.99 value) (Errrrr YAY!)
  • 2000 Capcom-Unity points - can be used for prizing and auctions (Totally gonna use these on Megaman Boxers!)

I’ll be picking this up instead of the download since it’s the same price (Ok $2 more with tax >_>) and I get a case with nice MVC2 artwork on it.[/quote]

I’d prefer them to release things like this.

WTF so Capcom was just BSing when they said they couldn’t do a Wii version because they didn’t own retail rights? F U Capcom

More like when she found him with Protoman…

Yeah, I’ll be picking this up.

I’d bet the old contract specifically says retail disc rights. And when Capcom renegotiation they only got the Digital Rights which is what this still is b/c it’s just a piece of paper that lets you download the game.

Also they never said anything about a 360 version so this could also be Sony paying for the retail release.

Ah I see now. Still lame.

Though I probably wouldn’t even buy it anyways. >.>

[quote=“Andrex”]Ah I see now. Still lame.

Though I probably wouldn’t even buy it anyways. >.>[/quote]

Yeah you would but Wii owners got Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. Capcom should do more of their VS series.

same here :smiley:

Updated the OP

WTF Capcom only 15k and no manual.