Looks like Iwata my have acidentally gave us too much info


He says they misquoted him but apparently its a really respectable newspaper and they say they didn’t. My conclusion is he probably said too much and didn’t want the original DS to be forgotten. The DS still prints money and they are going to try to keep that going as long as possible.

Well if you read what he said, he was talking about future handhelds in general and not specifically any kind of next DS…

Do we really need a sensor bar in a handheld? Seriously… It’s a handheld. Sure, you can play them at home but is it smart to require people to make special hand, and possibly arm, movements on say a bus? At a coffee shop? At school? At work on breaks? On trains? Or wherever else people go?

Oh well but honestly the DS would likely have those things anyways. I like the Robot Chicken-Esque Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom commercial in your sig BTW. They need to start getting this commercial out there because its the first time I’ve seen it and only because you had it in a sig.

The DS stylus mechanism is a sensor tracking player movements if you want to over analyze things.