Live FAQ of Mad World

So I rented Mad World…I might buy it this weekend depending on how much I have left over from Resident Evil 5 and some trade ins, but either way, I’m about to play it.

Feel free to ask whatever. I’ll answer between playing it.

Is the movement and chainsaw attacking slow?

If there’s one thing I hate in games, it’s slow movements and attacks.

That’s why I won’t go near Gears of War 1…

I’m in the opening scene still… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just thought I’d get the question out there, though. Just in case I get tired and go to bed [SPOILER]As if that’ll ever happen…[/SPOILER]

Started fighting and the action is very fast paced.

I’d say that this is one of the few Wii games where I feel like I need the Wiimote. I can’t really imagine trying to pull any of this off with an analog stick.

Buying it (:argh) tomorrow myself. :smiley: Along with NPC Pikmin and HotD: Overkill. Maybe NMH too if it’s less than $20. Basically, my first burst of Wii games since I made my backlog resolution. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I have a copy of Overkill to try out too. :stuck_out_tongue:

This will be the first Wii game I’ve purchased since I got Elebits a few months ago.

Story: Rip-Off of Ratchet: Deadlocked or not?

This is what Deadlock should have been.

And if it were R rated… :stuck_out_tongue:

The story is a fairly generic plot for an action brawler. Jack is a contestant in a TV game show known as Deathwatch where the contestants are thrown into areas full of enemies and need to survive as well as beat the boss before in order to win. (It’s like if No More Heroes met Ratchet and Clank: Deathlock.) However, surviving isn’t the only thing that matters. You need to be entertaining since it is a TV show after all.

You rank up points by thinking of brutally creative executions for any enemy that stands in your way. You can use objects that lay around, such as: trash cans, tires, sign posts, etc… to help stun enemy and rank up on style. Though the environments off plenty of other options as well like throwing an enemy onto a train track or into a death trap like saw blades mounted to the wall. Of course, normal attacks- like your chainsaw or punches - help get points to. Although if you continue to use the same attacks or same style, the value of the kill drops forcing you to get a bit more creative

Mini game challenges, called Blood Bath Challenges, pop up randomly throughout the levels offering great opportunities to get your score up. Each Blood Bath Challenge has the same goal- to kill as many enemies as possible within the time limit. These add a bit of variety to the levels so you don’t need to grin on points by throwing tires on people and then tossing them into spikes.

There is a set amount of points that you must earn in order to move onto the next area and unlock the boss for the level. Though you can summon the boss whenever you like thus allowing you to focus on your score if you wish. Along the way, you’ll also unlock other weapons that will be at your disposals.

The gameplay has been very fast paced and honestly, it’s the first Wii game I have played that makes me feel that this couldn’t be pulled off on another other system. The Wiimote and Nunchuck controls are great for what Platinum Games wanted to do. I cannot imagine trying to pull off some of the combos with an analog stick because of we fluently and right the Wiimote feels. If you move your hand up, Jack moves the chainsaw up. Move it down, the chainsaw strikes down. For once, the motion controls feel thought out and not tacked on for the sake of saying, “Hey, there’s motion controls!”. All of which makes the game even more enjoyable. (Though I do like the criticism of John Damaggio and some other guy as they announce what you’re doing. Steven Blum also makes a great Jack.)

I only have a few complaints so far. For starters, I occasionally ran into issues with the camera during close quarters combat. With only having one analog stick (which is used to move) and the Wiimote’s control being used for aiming, it feels difficult to look around you to see if anyone is near your or coming at you. Though this is fairly rarely.

The other issue is regarding the frame rate. A few times when trying to pull off a very large combo with multiple enemies in a small space, I ran into lag. It didn’t slow things down enough to make it feel like the game was crawling but it was something that did jump out at me when playing. Much like the camera issues, it does happen very rarely so it won’t interrupt too much with the experience thankfully.

Apart from that, I’m highly enjoying MadWorld. I especially love the comic book, Sin City/ Viewtiful Joe style they went with it. (And by “Viewtiful Joe” style, I mean a 2D-looking- yet-really-3D art style.) I do feel a bit dirty playing it though just because of how violent and vaguer it gets. F-Bomb wise, it’s about as bad as Killer 7. Over the top gore wise, it tops No More Heroes. I typically don’t enjoy games that are violent for the sake of being violent, but MadWorld is violent for the sake of making fun of violence. The “over the top” attitude it has makes it very comical and somewhat pokes fun at any developer that toned their game down out of fear of the ESRB; in a way, MadWorld is a middle finger to anyone who complains about violent games. I’m honestly surprised they were able to get away with what they did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Needless to say, MadWorld is this generations’ Godhand and it’s more than worth playing.

You know, since Matsuno is apart of this game’s story I don’t think you should be calling it a generic plot, just yet…

Other than that your impressions mirror IGN’s and I’m very excited to pick it up later. :beer;:smiley:

Yeah I picked up on that near the end of the second mission and when I was looking at the third. I feel like something isn’t quite right…Something might happen.

I just need to play more of it to figure out. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I just don’t know though how to handle wanting to beat this and Resident Evil 5 and then getting both reviews out. =)

Well, you have until the first. :Q

And I got it and HotD:O yay!!!

Dude Overkill has two-player dual-wielding, as in four Wii Remotes. o_0

Haven’t touched House of the Dead yet. =\

[quote=“Andrex”]Well, you have until the first. :Q

And I got it and HotD:O yay!!!

Dude Overkill has two-player dual-wielding, as in four Wii Remotes. o_0[/quote]

Don’t tell me you have 4 wiimotes… <_<

I have three. Which is perfect since I also have two Perfect Shots and a Zapper.

Anyways I beat Overkill. Game was fucking awesome except for the mothafuckin’ framerate. I loved the cutscenes the most. :lol

“Freeze bitches!” is my new catchphrase.

don’t walk under any chandeliers . . .

My impressions copied from the shoutbox:

Pretty good so far. The visuals aren’t as disorienting as I thought they’d be but it’s still a little hard for me to make things out. B Button + Motion for chainsawing is one of the most satisfying game mechanics I’ve ever played though. :smiley: TBH I rarely see myself using finishers or projectiles unless the point requirement absolutely requires me to, because it’s so much fun.

I also tried one of the co-op minigames, was pretty fun and I want to unlock the others. I also wish the entire game was in co-op, but still, the game is very entertaining and rewarding.