Live Blogging of Cursed Mountain


Anyone remember that horror game Deep Silver was developing? Yeah… That one. Well I had heard that it was released in American but I completely forgot about it until I stumbled across a copy earlier tonight.

I’m about to put it in my Wii now.

10:38pm- Turn on Wii and put the game in. The hell…? Someone used the Internet Channel? Explains why my USB keyboard was laying out…

10:40pm- The Deep Silver logo surprisingly looks like the logo for Dead Space…

Ooooooh… Chanting… Weird music… Bells… Scary!

10:41pm- Main character’s name is Frank… What?

Oh look! Snow!

10:43pm- Hooray! Crappy voice acting coming through my Wiimote!

Climbing up the side of the mountain with a pick axe… This is not Call of Duty!

10:45pm- Oh wait, Frank is my missing brother.

10:46pm- So the first few minutes have consisted of me climbing up the same looking part of the cliff and being stopped every few steps for a shitting 2D-styled cut scene.

Oh shi- Changing characters?

10:47pm- Oooooh a city on the top of the mountain that people won’t go to. Let’s go there! That makes sense!

10:49pm- So sad. The water is as dead as everything else.

10:50pm- Pick up axe. Press ‘B’ to swing. Don’t need to swing arm… And where I thought this was a Wii game.

10:54pm- This door is locked and I need a key to open it. Never heard that one before!

11:00pm- The key was in the pot the whole time!

11:02pm- Just saw my first few ghosts: randomly walking in the street, Wiimote rumbles, and hear voices. It’s like Fatal Frame but not good. Seriously… The watered-down quality of this game really eats away the attempts of atmosphere.

11:10pm- So far this game has been about breaking pots.

11:15pm- I have no idea what the hell to do… I’m just running around this empty city.

11:23pm- The axe shoots… holy water…!?

11:26pm- So to kill a ghost, I must first let it rape me.


11:28pm- Apparently ghost bleed and then explode into a red mist.

11:31pm- Three cheers for backtracking!

11:35pm- So this axe… is also a gun…

11:46pm- This game is dark in the sense of not being able to see shit.

Hrm, heard some good but not great things about this one.

Looks like I played it for little over an hour before I began to get bored with it.

The story seems to involve the main character, Eric Simmons, looking for his missing brother Frank. Both brothers are skilled high-altitude climbers however each has their own limit. To Eric, Frank always was overambitious and too much of a risk taker for his own good; looks like he was right.

Frank went with a friend to climb Chomolonzo in the Himalayas when both climbers mysteriously disappear. Curious as to what happened to his brother, Eric decides to climb their path in search of clues. What he discovers is an eerie, deserted city of Lhando. The city is said to be cursed according to the locals but that doesn’t stop Eric for continuing his search.

He discovers bits and pieces of what happened the farther up the mountain he goes. 2D-styled cut scenes reveal visions that Eric picks up upon as he explores. Personally, a lot of what is seen doesn’t make too much sense… The scenes are very short and quick, making it almost impossible to truly grasp what is going on other than violent things happened to them. Besides seeing visions, Eric also picks up on ghosts that haunt the city. Could there be a connection to this cursed ruins and Frank’s disappearance?! Probably but I doubt I play it enough to find out.

Cursed Mountain is an ‘ok’ game. But ‘ok’ I mean it’s good enough that if you do decide to play it, you’ll at least be content with it, but you won’t be over joyed to be playing it. Graphically it’s alright. The environments offer a bit too look at but with subpar graphics. Details are very limited and the character animation feels like it runs at its minimal without making it look like Eric is sliding around. It’s not an ugly game and does contain some real-time movements like flags and banners blowing in the wind, but it could look better.

Gameplay wise it’s playable though debatable as to if you’d want to play it or not. The controls feel a bit sluggish when moving or performing basic melee attacks. Though they aren’t bad enough to be considered frustrating. The game technically works the way it should and you’ll get a smirk out of realizing you are making spirits explode by shooting them with a magical pick axe. Though the shine wears off within minutes when you realize you could be playing something better.

If you’re a horror fan looking for something to keep you occupied… Then well, keep looking. Cursed Mountain may offer a decent enough story and ghostly presentation to somewhat water your dried-paranormal throat, but it won’t satisfy you. It attempts to have a Fatal Frame approach by having ghosts randomly appear throughout the levels as you explore. However, due to the lack of a tense atmosphere (or even any atmosphere), these attempts just roll off your back as nothing more than just typical enemies. Besides, they aren’t really aggressive to make you feel like your life is even in danger…

Over all, Cursed Mountain is the type of game I would say to try if you have a GameFly account and it costs you nothing to try it. It’s decent enough to make you not despise playing- hell, you might even get some enjoyment from it for a little awhile. Although it’s mediocre quality in all development departments will leave you feeling like you’re wasting your time because chances are you can think of at least five other things to do at that very second that would be more enjoyable.

gj Steph. Confirms my thoughts. :up;

Yep, pretty much.

I heard the same and third parties expect to sell just because its wii. Seriously some of these games really need better efforts I barely know this exists the very audience I’d assume this game is going for.

This isn’t shovelware it just happens to be meh.

Still causes people to go for Nintendo first parties.