Live Blogging of Assassin's Creed 2


Warning: Spoilers to Assassin’s Creed[/align]

1:28am- About ten minutes into the game so far and it feels… awkward… Desmond quickly recaps the events from the first game in a simple and fairly, poorly scripted voice over. Lucy now apparently can kick ass as she tries to help Desmond escape which so far has proven to have an unfitting flow to the game.

I’ve at least met Ezio… as a baby… Yeah, our introduction to the main character is through his birth. (I guess Fallout 3 made that cool?) The player is introduced to the “Assassin’s Creed” gameplay style via this scene. We learn how the buttons correspond to the body parts like the first game as baby Ezio moves around.

1:37am- Why is Desmond in the trunk of Lucy’s car…?

1:43am- The hell is going on? Who is that crazy chick… and this British guy?

1:48am- Woot! Running around as Desmond!

1:49am- Screw you, Shaun! You’re an ass!

1:52am- I love getting achievements from doing absolutely nothing! And did she just stick that thing for the machine in his belly button… or his penis…?

Oh well. Hello beautiful Italy!

1:54am- Why, hello young Ezio! You could make history with me any day. :wink:

And the fuck…? Did that guy just throw a book at me…?

1:56am- So at first I thought the combat was going to be clunky since you have to fight a few guards in the parking lot as Desmond. However, I just did a fighting sequence with Ezio and it showed that Desmond just sucks at fighting since he’s unskilled compared to his ancestor.

It’s similar to the original Assassin’s Creed but feel a bit more fluent and you have the ability to block. I like it.

2:03am- Huh, interesting. A bubonic plague doctor.

2:14am- [align=center][/align]

Prostitution was apparently a population occupation for women during the Renaissance. Many brothels were regulated by the Italian government until the 15th Century where laws began to get passed to force courtesans to wear specific clothing in order to separate them from society.

2:26am- Oh, Ezio! You horny bastard! Haha.

2:30am- Don’t mind me. I just fell from a three story building and lived.

2:42am- I’m suppose to be delivering something, but I’m enjoying running around the city.

2:47am- Clothing and hair darken and glisten when Ezio is wet; water also drips off of him.


Awww I thought you were going to stream it online. I been cheated. :frowning:

I would if I had a capture card.

I thought so too untill I read it carefully.

Anyway, please do continue. :stuck_out_tongue:

And so you guys know… I’ll be editing the original post as I go along.

I got L4D2 instead of this…And I’m glad.

There’s 35 people looking over here. O_O

How does that even happen? At the best of times it’s like around 10.

I have been promoting the site/forum via our Facebook group and Twitter. Maybe it is helping…?

Probably people who work for the software company this place is hosted by checking it out.

Or the place was linked from 4chan, someone promising boobs and stuff for the lulz.

Doubt it, they all just left. It’s definitely the server cronies.

How is it so far?

hold on…

At least it’s keeping true to the chacter. It would have been weird that a bartender with no apparent skills would have been a badass fighter

Because you’re unable to buy more than one game?

I’ll probably pick this up down the line when it gets cheaper or something. Hell, the first game I got for free as part of a buy 2 get 1 free sale at GameStop (the 2 games i paid for were Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Resistance: Fall of Man). I’ve still barely even touched the first game lol so yeah it’ll be quite a while before i even consider getting the second one. It does look good though.

OMG the gameplay looks tighter for sure. Now you can pimp out your villa or whatever, and you can loot bodies! Now that’s awesome. Plus the dual hidden blades and SWIMMING. I MUST PLAY THIS GAME.

I’m very disappointed in the way they textured the models. It’s a strange blending of darker shades that creates a dirty effect very commonly seen in games. It looks like they added bloom over that. Having said that, clearly there are more polygons and the game appears to run pretty well. This is an open world game afterall.

Other than that it looks like an awesome improvement. I mean, we all knew it would be.