Lets have a Formspring.me party!

Were we can ask each other questions and stuff, anonymous or otherwise. It’s a lot of fun if you try to check in for a few moments once or twice a day.

Mine is in my sig. Make your own, post it here and we can use this thread to quote some favorites. http://www.formspring.me/

Also, I missed you guys. :astonished:

Where the hell have you been. :bitch;


You said Anything.



I don’t get this site…

Here’s mine: http://www.formspring.me/Sixander


Okay then…

Ima find you Andrex.


Wasn’t me.

I came to realize this thing is one of the worst places to start an argument. XD

I’ve come to realize that people think I have a fetish for fluffy cats. All of you need to go get laid. Like now.

Wasn’t me, I have decency to keep anonymity off. :slight_smile:

You all joined a site to ask each other questions that you could do in a thread…

Way to keep the forum alive, guys! :up;

I guess the point to formspring.me is that it’s open invitation for lurkers to ask us questions, and there’s the whole anonymity behind it.

It’s kinda fun, it’s like the internet version of hearing voices in your head. You should jump in the formspring wagon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Naked men, huh…

Ok I’m in

Naked men?

Yeah. I got Naked Men too.

Kind of threw me off my game. Also, these questions are random as hell.

Strangely I’m not the one asking about naked men D=

I did ask the book guy combo question as I was in the middle of reading The Divine Comedy and thinking about the ending to Dante’s Inferno the game (which had me thinking Dante was the perfect man) :3