LBP Delay

This is nuts! Sony does not need this “hot coffee” type of buzz for the best game they have to offer this year, they shot themselves in the foot, with a rocket launcher. Buckle up this is going to get out of control…FAST :frowning:

Nah. I don’t think they did. If they thought that it would hurt sales, they wouldn’t have recalled it. I think it’ll just add to anticipation.

I, on the other hand, get the uncensored version with the Qur’an lyrics.

I thought it said Ouran. :sad;

Same thing happens when I google Ouran… “Did you mean Quran?” NO YA DUMB BITCH I DID NOT!

The song is actually pretty good.


The song is called Tapha Niang.

I’m glad because it gives me another week to get $60 to buy on launch <.<

Also wtf though Xenosaga was PACKED with Christian references but no one cared then…