L is Real (is Real)

So a while ago a bunch of internal old Nintendo stuff got leaked.

Click: https://twitter.com/drudlyclean/status/1287138188688003074/photo/3

Someone just discovered Luigi was in Mario 64’s source code and has models and such. Not sure but I thought I remember this being mentioned in an Iwata Asks but that could be Mandela Effect.

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I think I remember seeing an early screenshot/magazine cam shot with this. But it was super cropped, it’s super exciting to see the full thing.


Leaks coming from some kind of combination of Broadcom and/or NoA apparently. And this is just a new “batch” of stuff from the original leak. Who knows what’s still left to go through.


I’m scared.

Is this what they based the movie Yoshi on?

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Uncompressed F-Zero :grinning:

Well Iwata asks had a bit about there being a 3D Zelda 2 on the N64. Guess what people found.

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Guess we might find out soon enough.

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I mean if I wasn’t lazy I’d try to look it up myself lol.

Click: https://twitter.com/_kairy_draws_/status/1287234747350028288



…why does it look so mean lmao?? I’m so glad they went in a different direction for the final version lol (my favorite Pokemon.)

The title of the thread made me think of this.


This is unsettling.

Why was everything replaced in the 3DS port =/