Know what I miss?


Yes, you heard me. School.

No, I don’t exactly miss the tests, homework, and/or projects. Though some of them were kind of fun. Especially in my web design class…I was always a head and use to know one of those sites that hosted a bunch of anime and whatnot. So I use to sit there with my project windowed and minimized a bit so I could have enough space for the video in order to watch something while I worked. (One day when I was completely done, I kicked back and watched Advent Children.)

But what I really miss is just the feeling of belonging and having meaning. I’ve been out in the “real world” for almost a year now and frankly, it kind of sucks. Though I already knew and had already expected this…Lately I’ve just felt kind of bland. Sure, I have my cello (thank, God) and friends but I still dread waking up and going to work. It’s not like school where I always had two guaranteed days off (the weekend). I basically know that I’m lucky to get one day (maybe two) out of the week off with nothing that I have to do. It was nice back then just relaxing… Yet, there’s more to this.

You see, I started playing Persona 3 again and it reminded me of the few good times I had back in high school since socializing is an important aspect to the gameplay. I guess I miss meeting up with my friends every morning before class and just messing around. And I miss seeing them at lunch.

I was always felt with a good feeling knowing that at least someone was waiting for me. Then having everyone be happy that I finally arrived…It made me feel important unlike the days where I go to work and it seems like everyone is out to get me.

Apart of me wishes I could just go back to those brief moments or at least feel them now.

[/emo moment]

Ah, the rose tinted nostalgia strikes again.

I’m not saying you can’t have fond memories of being in school, but everytime something bad happens to me there, I think, “I hope in the future I don’t look back and see this as being all roses and sunshine”.

But of course, I’m also close to not graduating, so that may contribute. And I love my school so, so much, and all the friends I’ve made there. But I’m not kidding to myself.

-My $0.02

Of course I don’t see it as that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a lot of dark, dim years. Most of my life was that honestly but eh…Yeah…I’m not sharing that with the public. Needless say, I shed many tears that I am ashamed to admit that I did. I’ll just leave it at that…

Things just didn’t turn good until it ended. Most of the people now that I consider a good friend I befriended within my Senior year. So just right when I finally felt I found my place, it was all ripped away. I’ve been trying to keep that feeling alive with seeing them when I can, but work’s kept me in shackles.

Yeah… I kind of know what you mean. Ever since I started internet school, I just feel like there’s something missing.

Your not missing shit people…you miss the people at the school not school itself trust me. I felt the same way but I got over it as my life started to take shape. Your all just starting to grow up and that’s apart of it.