Kingdom Hearts coming to Switch/PS4/XBO

I can’t believe they went with this over just making Kingdom Hearts Theatrhythm! Uggggggh

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Lol wut

I’d be more interested if they brought Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 Remix.

This looks like Kingdom Hearts Guitar Hero.

They should have just made Ice Cream Beat a full game instead.

Kairi doesn’t even get a full spinoff like Aqua just some bonus shit in a Theatrythm knockoff I can’t


What’s the female version of getting cucked by two homos? Cuckhag? Cuckqueen?

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It’s not gonna happen, but man I want them to include the music from Symphony Of Sorcery.


Inb4 the hooded guy is Kairi’s evil heart twin (OC do not steal)

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