Kid's WoW Account Gets Axed, Hilarity Ensues

Holy ass crackers Batman!

At a loss of words to say the least…

Found it on AoR’s website, some of the guys think it’s fake…

  1. Of course it fake. How does sticking a remote in your butt relieve stress? It just doesn’t.

  2. Lots of epic gifs and shops were made from that.

So obviously fake it’s pretty much unfunny.

So…It looks like /v/ got ahold of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fake or not I still Lol

So… do they delete everything when you cancel a WoW account? My EQ account has been inactive for almost 4 years and my guys and such are still there…

It depends…

There is an option in the game to official delete a character. If you do delete the character, then yes, you do lose everything.

However, if you just cancel the account itself, then no. Everything will be just as it was once you reactivate it.

Imagine if my WoW account gets axed, I would do the same thing as that guy…but can do more funnier than that guy.

Best gif ever?

Where were the parents through all this?

'Cause they don’t even respond to his shouts, they just ignore him.
dat remix

dat remix[/quote]

And another. :V

Why is it this video seems so much more popular in Asia? :boggle;

Us damn retarded Americans making fools out of ourselves?