Just introducing myself

You older members might not know me because I didn’t start posting on G4 regularly until January, even though my join date was July 2007. Oh well :wink:

Anyways I thought I’d join this. Some of the people might know me.


Hi didd

Hi, I’m mr_knucklehead. I had candy for breakfast.

That’s not too good for your teeth.

Yo, I remember you. Welcome. :slight_smile:

Aw now I feel bad because I don’t remember you. I just remembered people always talking about you on G4.

I’ve been around long enough; I know you.

I’m Honesty. :wine;

But… your not very honest.

Yes I am. :neutral_face:

Yo momma’s a skank. See? Honest. :cool;

Now I know you :slight_smile:

Yo! Welcome to the boards. I like your sig. I used to a be an avid GoW player until college started.

You used to have a “BOOM HEADSHOT” avatar before the forum update, right?

You probably don’t remember me. I was banned back in October.