ITT: The People You Do Not Want To Be Here.

Since this place seems to get even more popular, shall we make a list of the users in G4 whom you do not want posting here? As in the users you hate and could possibly botch the whole harmony in project Gforums- new or old members.

If we want to keep the forum as utopical as possible, then we can use this thread to list the names you do not want as a clear warning for our forum admin. Since newcomers have to be reviewed before posting, it’s a good shot at keeping the trolls in G4 at bay.

So that out of the way, here’s the current…

Douchebaggy Guys Shit-List! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • RiderRengeru
  • NecrumSlavery
  • XBLPSN_Mikewarrior
  • Ssisilsil
  • 1nitail_D
  • Gunbladewarrior
  • =Kiba=
  • L_MO
  • Missionduorose

More to come? It’s all open for suggestion and discussion.

All of the crappy little noobs that joined last E3.

For the record, I won’t be blocking any one of those from joining if they choose to apply for membership. However, if they start fights and whatnot, they will of course be dealt with.
-Official Gforum™ Statement


These two are the saddest sacks of life I have ever seen.

GBW :slight_smile:


Yeah I hate that jerk. I heard he got banned and made his own website, what a loser.


These two are the saddest sacks of life I have ever seen.[/quote]


Oh, and Trex. I know what you mean.

But, how about we give new members a “Trial Period” to prove their worth?

I dig that idea.

I say innocent before proven guilty. >.>

Exactly. I only filter spam accounts. If you’re a real person, you’ll be approved regardless (unless I mess up), no matter how much I or anyone else here dislikes you. You’re treated as a full member from the start, and it would take some time to dirty that up. No trial period. If that’s the case, I’d have to put everyone here on a trial, including you nothere. :stuck_out_tongue: And I just don’t want to do that. It’s bad enough I have to filter registrations, if there’s even more barriers to having a good time here, it would definitely drive people away.

Rengeru/GBW are okay.

Just keep the fucking nOOb idiots out.


Psycho black people who love Suda 51 too much :confused:

im pretty sure kumiko isnt black . . .

Nerdjokerhaha (or whatever it’s called) pisses me off.


Amaterasu hes black and gets in the way of my love for Kumi.:heart;:slight_smile:


These two are the saddest sacks of life I have ever seen.[/quote]


Had no idea there was so much love for Kumi :slight_smile: Also 1nitail_D LOL