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To get you guys caught up, I’m going to post the last chapter.

For those of you who are just joining us, the G4A (The Unofficial G4 Anime) takes place in a distorted, nightmarish world where war and violence rips the world apart. A world where little kids and adults alike are sent to horrible battlefields, to fight a meaningless battle, to which there is no rhyme or reason, no beginning and no end.

And now, our feature presentation:

[quote]The G4A tells the story of a war-torn world, filled with anger, hatred and sorrow. In this world, a young man named Seventhseal travels to a haven in this lonely world: The Kingdom of SEGA, a land of peace created by saiyans. He came to find a cure for his visions, but ended up having to run for his life from the evil Andrex and his minions, who have launched a massive siege on the Capital City.

Seventhseal watches in horror as the King and Queen, his friends, are murdered, and vows to keep their son Goten alive. Seventhseal finally delivers Goten to safety, but not without some physical and mental scars.

Fast forward ten years: An older and angrier Seventhseal finally retrieves Goten from the world of Darkness, a boarding school for saiyans, where they learned how to fight and function in society (Which, in this world, revolves around survival instinct on the battlefield). Seventhseal and Goten survived long enough to exit Andrex’s evil kingdom, but not before running into tvman099 and Daystar.

tvman099 was an angel, sent to this dimension to find his older brother, Episode666. Daystar, The Second Captain of the Kingdom of Microsoft, had tvman099 captured, but also caught Seventhseal and Goten by accident and had them taken to an underground prison in Bungie City. There, Seventhseal became the unwitting guinea pig in a cloning experiment conducted by FreshCut_T70, an evil scientist. Created from Seventhseal’s DNA, the insane Eighthseal was born.

Inheriting Seventhseal’s bitter anger at the world, and a bit of Freshcut’s insanity and ambition, Eighthseal destroyed his creator, and began wreaking havoc on the city and defeating its officials one by one. Putting everything on the line, Seventhseal, Goten, the echidna named Neofalconhavok, and tvman099 broke out of their underground prison.

Determined to keep Daystar in jail long enough for her death sentence (She and thhe others were blamed for Freshcut’s death), Captain Haseo launched an attack on Daystar, and almost forfeited his life for the cause. Daystar’s alter ego, the Keeper of Death, handily defeated the saiyan, nearly killing him in the process.

Meanwhile, on their way out of the city, Seventhseal, tvman099, and Goten ran into Eighthseal. After a long and desperate battle, Seventhseal finally used the last of his power to destroy Eighthseal once and for all. With their strength gone, Seventhseal and Goten are now defenseless against both tvman099 and Gamer98’s disgruntled, yet scattered forces . . .

All of these events are not going unnoticed. Andrex, leader of the evil Kingdom of Hyrule, plots Seventhseal’s demise from behind the scenes. Will Seventhseal survive the trip out of the country and back to his home base of Capcom City? Find out on this exciting episode of the G4A![/quote]

And now, our story begins anew:


What does this word mean, exactly?

Is it a state of mind? An ascension to a higher plane of understanding?

Or is it a far-flung dream?

Maybe it is something that no human on earth is supposed to know . . .

The Kingdom of Sega
Christmas Island - Outskirts
Twenty Years Earlier

There was a sunset.

My memory is a bit blurry, but I do recognize him. A tall man, standing six and a half feet tall, with large black, feathered wings protruding from his back. He wore a thick black hooded cloak.

In his hand was a long staff with a long, dangerous curved blade carved out of pure diamond. This was where he always was at this time in the day, staring sadly over the edge of a steep cliff overlooking the central Kingdom. He was strong; he had lived through many battles.

He was courageous; elegant, yet dangerous. Innocent, yet fierce. Powerful, yet weak. Surrounded by friends, yet alone.

He was my father.

“Papa . . . I . . . I did it,” I said. Five years old at the time, and yet, I was capable of great understanding.

The man at the edge of the cliff did not move an inch. I moved closer and stood right beside him.

“Did you?” The man finally said. I could see a small smile across his face. I was the only one he ever smiled to since Mom had died. He told me that there had been an accident during the last battle between Sony and Microsoft; Sony’s fighter plane mistakenly shot down a civilian aircraft.

I was the only survivor. Only a baby had survived that attack. It seemed unfair; a cruel joke from God. A plane full of businessmen, women, children, IGN Peace Group representatives, and yet, only a baby had survived.

“I passed . . . I passed my algebra test. My teacher said that if I try hard, I’ll be the first child to go to college in all of Sega.”

The man went back to looking over the cliff.

“College. What a joke.”

Those words stung, but I tried not to let it show. “H-how come?”

The man knelt down and put his hand on my head. “You have no need for ‘college.’ You are far more than what you appear. You carry more intellect in your body than any scientist. You are faster than the fastest car, stronger than the strongest of warriors.”

I sighed with relief. He approved of me. I felt that now was the time. I began to concentrate; and I started glowing. Father noticed, and withdrew his hand in surprise. After a few moments, I had materialized them.

Black wings.

Smaller than my father’s of course, but they were my wings. I flapped them. Once. Twice. And I rose into the air, effortlessly.

“My son . . . when did you . . . ?”

I flew in circles around him for a few minutes, and then landed on the ground. “I finally learned how to call them out. Now I am . . . just like you, huh?”

I cringed at that last sentence. How could I say that? I was nothing like him. He could vanquish an army of soldiers in a matter of seconds.

Father knelt down. “My son . . .”

I was shocked to find that he was already hugging me. This was new; my father never did this.

“Dad, what’s wrong?”

He finally let go. He was crying. I assumed that these were tears of joy. “My son. You have surpassed all of my expectations. You have no need for college anymore. You are not like me. You are not like anyone on this earth. You are a living symbol of perfection. You are perfect, my son! And now, I know that I can die a happy man.”

Yes. Perfect. I was perfect; my own father had said so. Perfect. Perfect. The word echoed throughout my head until it didn’t sound like a word anymore.

And yet, I was troubled. He said that he would die a happy man. Die. I shook it off immediately. All I knew back then was that my father had called me perfect. I did not think anything of it.

Father stood up. He spread his wings. Light spilled through them, creating a beautiful silohuette against the setting sun. He rose through the air. As he flew away, I caught a look at his face. He had a strange look of determination that I had never seen in him before.

The Kingdom of Sega
Christmas Isand - Royal Castle
Twenty Years earlier, 11:26 PM

Later that night, fires erupted around the city. People ran away from the wreckages of their destroyed cars and buildings on foot. Nothing with wheels was moving. Buildings fell. The night sky filled with smoke.

The Castle was on fire. Floating in the air above the city were three extremely powerful beings. One was dressed in gray knight’s armor. He carried two large swords, and had large silvery-white wings.

His combatant was my father. His hood was pulled down, revealing a boyish face. However, this face was boiling over with rage and sadness.

Standing behind the white-winged angel was the King of Sega, also dressed in a black coat and black wings.

I was on top one of the buildings. I had flown here when I saw my father leaving in the middle of the night. I had front-row seats to every atrocity that occured that night.

I saw my father mercilessly slaughter his entire battalion of soldiers. I saw his attempted murder of the King, Goku. And I saw the white angel, Sixthseal, stop him. Their fight damaged several buildings. And now, I was witnessing my father’s last stand.

“Xerdna, what is the meaning of this!?” Goku yelled. “Your battalion, your friends . . . how could you?”

Goku was about to fly closer to him, but Sixthseal held out his hand to block Goku’s path. “Wait, your highness. It’s too dangerous.”

My father, Xerdna, closed his eyes and lowered his staff. He glared fiercely at Goku, shivering.

“I must. I must kill him. I have to make sure that Goku never holds back my son ever again!”

Sixthseal raised his sword in a defensive stance. “What are you talking about?”

Father did not change his position. Instead, his face grew solemn. "I must . . . I must do this.

"My brother, antitrop, was forced to die at the hands of a saiyan at what should have been the peak of his power! His kingdom was destroyed. His daughter, missing . . .

“My, my wife . . . shot down in the saiyan’s foolish war with the humans! She died in the prime of her youth. She will never see light again, never smell another flower ever again. Never even be able to hold her own son again. I cannot comfort her where she is . . .”

Sixthseal and Goku were taken aback by this response. Goku shook his head. “Xerdna, I . . . I’m sorry. But killing me won’t fill the void in your heart. Don’t you remember? We’ve fought alongside each other for over a thousand years. I’m your best friend. Can’t we talk about this?”

“No.” Father began to glow with a pitch black aura. "Both my wife and my brother, killed by saiyans. My son is being raised alongside saiyans. Don’t you see? He has reached an area of perfection that none of us here can hope to achieve. But he is being held back, by all of you saiyans. Did you know that he can even materialize wings?"

Father looked away, as if ashamed. "He can sprout wings. Wings. And he is only five! I could not do that until I was twenty. And he did not do that with the help of any saiyan. He did it on his own! That is the kind of thing only he is capable of! He has achieved perfection.

“Xerdna . . .” Goku said, sympathetically. Sixthseal still kept his guard up, not moving a muscle.

"I looked at all of the things I’ve done at my life. I’ve sent millions of white angels to their graves; saved the lives of billions of living creatures. And yet, I was unable to save antitrop from dying. I was unable to save my other brother, Xemnas, from starting another futile war with aka_Loki. I was unable to save him from himself."

“But in just five short years, my son has become something that I have never been able to accomplish in all of my twenty thousand years alive. I will do anything to preserve that perfection from the likes of you and your filthy saiyans. Even end my own life . . .”

“Stay back, Goku. He’s gone mad.” Sixthseal said.

I could not believe what I was hearing. What was father saying? What was he throwing away his life for?

I should have said something. I should have stopped him. He would have stopped if I had asked him to. So why didn’t I?

Did I believe what he was saying? Was I really perfect? Did I really want him to die for my sake?

Father powered up even more. “Mad? Is it madness for a father to want the best for his only son? Then so be it! End my life if you dare, fool!”

White-hot light exploded from both Sixthseal and father; I had to shield my eyes. However, despite the bright light, I was able to make out a cloaked figure standing on the building next to mine. His clothes were exactly like my father’s.

And he had a jewel-encrusted scythe in his hand.

Two deaths must occur tonight. The bell tolls for the souls of two angels this night.

As if to memorialize their deaths, the figure took off his hood. Shoulder-length black hair. Black wings. Pitch-black eyes that shone like bottomless pools of despair, staring solemnly at Father.

Dear brother . . . why must one of those two angels be you?

The white light disappeared completely. I looked up and realized what had happened. Goku was in shock, barely able to keep his composure.

“No . . . no! No!!” Goku yelled.

Both Sixthseal and Father were bleeding, dripping blood from the air.

A large, bloody sword reached out through Father’s entire left shoulder.

A long, bloody staff reached out from Sixthseal’s back. Sixthseal was limp. Lifeless.

“Xerdna . . . why . . . this battle was meaningless . . . there was no point . . .” Goku stammered in disbelief.

Father had begun to mourn as well. It was as if he had just woken up and realized what happened.

I was too young to understand any of this. I still did not fully understand what it meant to die. I was a silent witness to everything that was going on.

“You little fool,” Father said to Sixthseal’s body. “You knew what was going to happen if you tried to stop me. I only wanted to kill him. The saiyan. You weren’t supposed to die. You weren’t.”

Even though he was in excrutiating pain, he used his remaining energy to set Sixthseal’s body out of harm’s way. By now, Goku was furious. He did not know how to control such emotion.

Father looked on as Goku materialized two dangerous-looking keyblades. One keyblade was wrapped in thick chains with two dangerous-looking hooks at the end, and glowed with a dark, demonic aura. The other shown with a heavenly glow and was in the shape of a giant axe.

Goku seemed to be at a loss. He looked back and forth at each blade, as if deciding. The dark keyblade seemed to scream, beg for father’s blood. The light keyblade gave a desperate, voice-less plea for father’s salvation.

After a few minutes, a shadow crossed Goku’s face. The light keyblade slowly faded away, and a dark aura surrounded Goku. By then, I knew. I knew what was going to happen.

“No . . .”

My plea was so quiet, even I could barely hear it. But if I could hear it, why couldn’t he? Back then, that made no sense to me . . .

"You monster . . . you murderer!" In the blink of an eye, Goku was on him. His keyblade entered Father’s body. Everything seemed to turn red. Goku angrily ripped his weapon out of Father’s chest.

"No . . ."

Father’s body dropped to the ground. Next to me. His face was covered in tears. He was still alive, but just barely.


Energy welled up inside of me, like a thunderstorm. A mini hurricane erupted around me. It then spread out in all directions, creating a massive city-wide earthquake. I unleashed all of the energy in my body the only way I knew how.

All of the anger. All of the sadness. All of the hatred. I released it all.

My father was dying. Dying. And it was all because of this saiyan.

I was only five. I should not have understood any of this. Hell, all of the other five year olds I knew were learning how to read and breaking their mother’s priceless china.

And yet, here I was. Mourning my father’s death. Swearing revenge against this hateful saiyan.

My father was on the ground, staring straight at me. Even as my power increased, I could hear his last words.

“Good job. I am . . . so proud of you . . . my son . . . Andrex . . .”

Those words were enough to calm me down. I knelt down and began to shake him, trying to wake him up.

“Papa! Get up! You can’t die! You can’t! I still need you! Come on, wake up . . . wake up . . . you’re all I have . . .”

Goku floated in mid-air. His dark keyblade disappeared, satisfied at having taken a life that day. He floated up there, still dazed. He looked at his hands, his dirty, blood-soaked hands.

“What have I . . . what have I done!?” He screamed, his emotional torment there for everyone to see.

Everything after that was a blur. I only remember my own sobs. People screaming. And blood. Blood everywhere.

I became consumed with thoughts of revenge; I was so obsessed with my own bitterness that I secretly left the kingdom a few days after the incident occured. One of Goku’s other generals, FederalDisease, helped me with all of my plans. After escaping, I was able to gather a large task force of assasins, killers, and other dregs of society.

I spent the next ten years of my life gathering the best criminals I could; the less sane, the better. It mattered not as long as they obeyed every order I gave them. And why wouldn’t they? Even at five, I could’ve killed them in a heartbeat.

My best friend, Tamaki, gathered an army of soldiers. He said that they were from an ancient, dead kingdom called “Nintendo.” I began to use this as a name for my own country, a country I would create myself. I would make the ancient kingdom great again, not with diplomacy and honor, but with oppression and fear.

A decade later, on my fifteenth birthday, I gathered everything I needed. This was the greatest achievement of my life. With FederalDisease’s help, I laid waste to Christmas Island. I destroyed the entire Kingdom of Sega, burning it to the ground. Goku was killed by my own hands. His entire family, everything he worked for–I crushed it all.

That day, everyone felt my pain. Everyone experienced my anguish. My despair. My hatred.

My perfection.

The New Kingdom of Nintendo
City of Hyrule
Present Day
11:45 AM

A dark gray sky hovered over the city below. Lightning forked, and thunder roared across the sky. Massive dark shadows rolled along the ground alongside giant Landmaster tanks. Arwings fluttered around the central castle like a swarm of demonic butterflies.

On his throne, Andrex calmly tapped the armrests of his throne. A seven-foot-tall dark figure stood off to the sides.

“You know,” Andrex said, starting up his computer. “He is here on Earth.”

The figure looked at Andrex.

“Yes. He is.”

“When will the final battle start?”

“Do not grow impatient. It has no ability to start until you have some key treasures in your possession.”

Andrex raised an eyebrow in curiosity. “Such as?”

“You need to attain greater power.”

Andrex scowled. “I am already the most powerful being on this planet . . . yet I still need more power?”

“Your power is great, but you must attain enough power to control the Beast of Armageddon. You also need one last thing.”

Andrex sighed, typing in his password. “What else will you ruin my mood with today?”

“You cannot achieve your goal until you have memorized the Prophecy of Armageddon. The Warlord of the Jellyfish Pirates, DamonX, has the only existing copy of it. With your photographic memory, this should prove a simple task.”

Andrex cast a blank stare at him. He knew when someone was not telling him the whole truth.

“There is something else, isn’t there?”

“Yes. The Messenger of Death is forming a group to counteract your plans.”

“How dangerous are they?”

“They pose little threat. Your weakest of servants could defeat them within the hour. However, there is one among them that weilds considerable power. If that person fights in the final battle, you will lose.”

“I could take a wild guess as to who that is. The only man to ever defeat me. Seventhseal.”

The figure looked a bit surprised with what Andrex said, but kept his mouth shut.

“Send one of your servants to retrieve the Prophecy.”

Tamaki, sitting in the right side of Andrex’s throne, finally spoke up. “Allow me the honor, Andrex. I can get it for you in no time at all.”

“OR . . . you could get a competent noble such as myself to do it,” The Mushroom King said, teleporting into the room. He smiled smugly. “You know, someone who can count to five without using his fingers?”

Tamaki stood up. "What did you just say to me?"

“Oh, I apologize. I did not realize that you could not even do that.”

Tamaki’s Triforce piece began to glow. “I’ll kill you now . . .”

Andrex held up his hand, stopping Tamaki before he could act. “Tell me, TMK, after failing to get me any information on Sony’s government officials, and failing to get me information on Seventhseal or his fighting techniques, why should I ever trust you with anything important?”

TMK straightened his glasses and grinned. “Because, majesty, you need me.”

"Excuse me?" Andrex’s temper began to rise.

TMK laughed a mocking laugh. "You cannot even control your own cabinet members. Look at Tamaki. He does nothing but sit in that chair. Wasting time as he wills . . . like a child . . .

“And you do nothing but sulk over your stupid father’s death. My presence is what is holding this entire kingdom together.”

Andrex’s fury shook the castle for a few moments, but he then calmed himself. He smiled a deadly smile.

“Fine. Go ahead. Do that, in addition to your previous mission. But be warned. If you do not finish your current mission, I will personally intervene and kill you on the spot. Understand?”

Andrex’s aura hung over the room like a cloud. Despite this, TMK straightened his glasses in a smug smirk.

“Your wish is my command, ‘Master.’” TMK disappeared. Andrex looked at the dark figure, barely able to conceal his anger.

"Tell me. What is your prediction for him?"

The People’s Republic of Microsoft
The Ruins of the City of Bungie
12:10 PM

A pillar of light shined brightly through the darkened city streets. Afterwards, an explosion so large that it melted entire districts. The people of the city hid underground in large bomb shelters; the explosion caused mass panic.

Above ground, the man who caused the explosion lowered his arm. With all of his strength gone, he fell down towards the ground. He landed roughly, already asleep.

A mere ten feet away, a small child was sprawled out on the ground, also asleep. But while Seventhseal lost consciousness completely, Goten dreamt . . .

There was an infinite well of darkness. Goten fell and fell and fell, his eyes closed.

Goten . . .

Goten continued to fall, not wanting to wake up long enough to acknowledge the voice who just called him. The voice sounded awfully familiar, though . . .

Goten . . . it’s time to be tested again.

“Tested . . . ?” Goten responded. “But why? I don’t wanna fight . . .”

Your father wants you to fight. By accepting that keyblade, you also accepted your father’s power. You must learn how to use it.

“Well . . . that just sucks.”

As does life, child. As does life.

Goten’s eyes opened, adjusting to the darkness. He held out his hand, materializing the Kingdom Key. He looked down to see a large, crystalline stadium. The darkness around him began to fill with stars.

He landed on his feet inside of the stadium. A taller man who looked almost exactly like him was waiting for him. He held to massive keyblades, so dangerous-looking that they made Goten’s weapon look like a toothpick.

Goku looked down at his son. Goten stood straight up, angry at his father.

“We meet again, son.”

“Don’t call me that!” Goten held up his keyblade in attack mode towards his father before his dad could come any closer.

Goku doubled back in surprise. “Calm down. Just calm down.”

“No!” Goten said, his eye color changing from dark brown to bright blue. “I had a vision. I saw . . . I saw everything!”

“Whoa! What . . . what did you see?”

Goten shivered, on the verge of crying. “I saw you kill Andrex’s dad! I saw it . . . why did you do it!? Why!?”

Goku looked down at his hands in shame. "Goten . . . when I was your age . . . I fought in a war. A war between angels. The dark angels were beings who wanted to protect the earth and its people. There were only four of them, but they were the most powerful beings in the universe. Then there were the white angels. The white angels wanted to destroy everything on earth to expand their empire. They were far weaker than the dark angels, but there were millions more of them.

"I still remember it like it was yesterday. I fought alongside them. I grew up on the battlefield, and I managed to escape death. By the time I was a teenager, I had become just as powerful as they were.

“After the war, though . . . one of the Dark Angels went insane. I had originally planned to talk to him, but things happened, and . . . I’m sorry son.”

Goten lowered his keyblade. “But . . . does that mean that I’m gonna have to kill someone?”

“It depends. Fighting and killing are what your world was created for. People who can’t fight are killed. It’s just the way Earth is. A world of never-ending war.”

A long silence resided in the stadium. Goten looked at his father. “I’m gonna change it.”

“Change what?” Goku asked.

“I’m gonna change it. I have to change it. A world where weak people are killed? Is this what I was supposed to be training for? To fight and kill like you?”

“Son, listen–”

“No!” Goten yelled. “I’m not gonna be like you! I’m gonna change the way everything works. I’m gonna make a world where there isn’t any fighting! No more fights, no more killing, no more hate, no more dying for wars that don’t matter!”

Goku glared at Goten. “What you’re asking is impossible. Fighting is something you have to do! If you don’t fight, you’ll die! Do you want that?”

Goku’s black wings appeared, and his power level increased. Goten doubled back in fear at first. However, he slowly regained his ground. His energy began to increase as well.

“If what you’re saying is true, Dad . . . then how come I’m the one who’s still alive?”

“What!?” Goku exclaimed.

Goku flew towards Goten, slashing his keyblade at him. Goten jumped out of the way.

“Come here, son! I need to make up for lost time!”

Goten frantically began running from every attack that Goku launched at him.

“Goten, quit running away! Fight me! Don’t you want to avenge my death!?”

“Avenge your own death!”

“It’s a little hard to do that when you’re already dead!”

“Well whose fault was that!?”

“Don’t look at me, Andrex did it!”

“You killing his Dad had nothing to do with it! Nope, not one bit!”

Standing at the top of the stands at the very edge of the top of the stadium was w2d2, watching the fight within the stadium. Ah . . . the joys of parenthood . . .

Goku rushed foward, glowing bright gold.

“Limit Break: Super Dragon Fist!!”

Goten gathered his energy. “Ka me ha me HAAA!!”

Ther two attacks connected, and a giant explosion filled the stadium.

After a few moments the smoke cleared, revealing Goten on the ground. Goku stood over him, with his light keyblade aimed directly at his son’s forehead.

Instead of celebrating his victory, Goku’s face was filled with sadness.

“Do you really think . . . that I threw my life away?”

Goten looked at Goku. “No . . . no I don’t. But now I know why he did it. If someone killed your father, wouldn’t you be angry?”

Goku looked away. “I wouldn’t know. I never had a father. I wasn’t ‘born.’ I was created.”

Goten looked confused. “Created? By who?”

Goku de-materialized his keyblades. “That’s a story for another time.”

Just then, Goten’s keyblade began to glow bright white. The white engulfed both of them.

“Goodbye, my son . . .”

“Damn it, Gordon! How the f*ck did you get up there?” Gamer98 yelled at Gordon, still suspended in the air.

“You mean you’re just noticing me now?” Gordon called back in frustration.

On the ground, Gamer and his injured generals stood, watching Gordon in pity.

Spiritdetective held up his hand, shaping it into a gun with his fingers. “Rei gun!”

“Hold on, man!” Paz Soldan exclaimed. “Go up there and get him!”

“Oh. Right.” Spirit jumped up into the air, leaped onto the side of the building and then wall-kicked his way up. He finally jumped into the net.

“How did you get up here, anyway?”

“Teamwork,” he replied bitterly.

Spirit untangled him and pulled him rightside up. “You can use aerial magic, right?”

“No, I’m not going to jump down thirty stories so I can greet you all face-first.”

“I’ll take that as a no.”

Spirit grabbed Gordon by the back of his uniform and leaped down from the top of the buildings. He slid downward slowly and landed on the ground. He then tossed Gordon aside as his tiredness finally caught up with him.

“Yeah. More rough treatment will make today that much better.” Gordon said sarcastically, holding his throat.

“Try fighting him twice . . .” Just_Blaze said, barely able to stand.

Frankie brushed himself off. “I’m sure no one here wants to do that again.”

“Were you able to find Tofu?” Paz asked Frankie. Frankie shook his head. “He’s still missing. We also can’t contact the search parties. They must be stuck in the underground paths.”

Gamer98 pulled back his fist and punched the ground in frustration. “All of this was done by a single person . . .”

“The way I see it, this is all Seventhseal’s fault,” Spirit said. “If he hadn’t been here, that stupid thing wouldn’t have even been created . . .”

Conejo shook his head. “The one responsible for all of this is already dead. Did you ever think of that?”

“Well, I don’t f*cking care! Someone better get arrested around here!” Gamer98 yelled. “Paper, you and Frankie go north. Spirit, you and Blaze go south. Multi, you and Dualist head west. Conejo, Gordon, and I will head east. Find Seventhseal, find Daystar, find Haseo, find the angel, find the echidna, find the brat, and most of all, find the Abomination. If you see them, DO NOT ENGAGE THEM. Radio me. I’ll take care of all of them personally. Move out, all of you!”

“Sir yes sir!” All of them yelled in unison, and left in separate directions. Above the ruins of a nearby structure, a red echidna glared down at all of them.

“Stupid humans . . . always f*cking around . . .” A green jewel hanging from a necklace around his neck glowed, and he disappeared . . .

Seventhseal . . .

“Ugh . . . damn . . . I shouldn’t have . . . even bothered to get this kid . . .”

Seventhseal . . .

“Should’ve . . . just stayed in bed . . . that morning . . . it was my day off, too . . .”

Talking to yourself is a sign of insanity.

"Well . . . you know what? For the past ten years, I’ve been hearing voices in my head. Namely, you. I think I’ve been insane for the past decade."

You are not insane. I am real.

“Real . . . sure . . . wait a minute, who are you!?”

Seventhseal immediately stood up, materialized his sword, and jabbed forward . . . at nothing.

You are not insane. I am real. The boy is in danger. Help him.

Seventhseal’s eyes went wide. “I just wasted the last two days of my life to keep him out of trouble. Why me? Why the hell is it always me?”

Frustrated, Seventhseal dashed down what was left of the block to where Goten was. It was there he saw a tall knight with large white wings.

“Eighthseal!? I just killed you! Stay dead, damn it!” Seventhseal jumped into the air an brought his sword down on him. At the last second, Seventhseal’s offensive was halted by a giant silver-colored guitar.

“Fellow angel, why do you raise your sword against me? tvman099 said. Directly below him was Goten, still unconscious.

"Fellow angel?" Seventhseal yelped in shock, pulling back and landing on the ground. “I’m nothing like you!”

“Wrong. You bare the wings of a White Angel. You deny your heritage?”

“The hell are you talking about? Did you take a hit to the head? I’m not an angel, I’m a red-blooded human. A human with incredibly bad luck.”

tvman shook his head. “So you claim to be a human despite your sheer amount of power, white wings, and obvious link with Aka_Loki? Are you insane?”

As this continued, Goten began to come to. He began to hear bits and pieces of the conversation.

“. . . not an Angel! Are you even capable of understanding my words? How many times am I going to spell it out to you!?”

Upon realizing that tvman was right next to him, Goten gasped and jumped back fifteen feet in fear. tvman boredly turned from Seventhseal. “Ah. So you are awake.”

“Wh-what do you want?” Goten asked defensively. tvman turned around. “You. Child. What is your name?”

“U-um . . . mine? It’s . . . it’s G-g-Goten!”

“Goten?” tvman walked up to him. Goten materialized his keyblade. To his amazement, a second keyblade appeared in his other hand – the Starseeker keyblade, which was blue and adorned with crystal stars.

This did not stop tvman from drawing closer. He finally stopped, raising his guitar into the air . . .

“Damn it!” Seventhseal yelled, charging towards tvman, struggling to keep his energy up.

“For the glory of Ragnanival!!” tvman brought his guitar down . . . on the ground, a hair from hitting Goten. Goten shivered violently, still staring at the guitar. Seventhseal slowed down to a stop. “What the . . .”

“I, Prince tvman099, Second Son of the Ruler of the Cosmos, Highest-ranking Officer of the Angelic Military . . . hath slain the Beast of Armageddon, wiping this threat from the face of the Earth. That is what I shall tell my people when I return.”

Goten was still too afraid to move. “Wha . . . wha . . . wha . . . wha . . . ?”

“You, child, have saved my life. By Angelic Law, I am obligated to grant you one wish.”

Goten fell to the ground. “A wish . . . ?”

Seenthseal stood by, getting ready to attack. “It’s a trap, Goten! Don’t fall for it!”

“You question my honor, Insane One?” tvman said, annoyed. “You tarnish yours by not accepting your rightful place in the universe.”

“I’m not an Angel! Don’t you listen!?”

Ignoring him, tvman got down on one knee, bowing his head towards Goten. “Your wish? I do not like bowing to the Beast of Armageddon.”

Goten finally sat up. “OK. I want you to help me.”

tvman looked up. “Help you? Help you do what?”

Goten looked at him nervously. “There is a very mean person. He destroyed my Kingdom, and my home. His name is Andrex.”

“So . . . you want me to help you kill this person?”

“No! Not kill . . . can you help me get my Kingdom back from him?”

The Angel looked at Goten like he was crazy. "Let me get this straight . . . you want me to help you get your Kingdom back . . . but you want to keep the one who destroyed it alive? Are you stupid?"

“If I kill him, then another war will start and none of this will ever end.”

Seventhseal looked away. “Our world’s history is nothing more than one long World War, and no one really knows why they’re fighting. You can’t just change that overnight.”

tvman sighed. “If that is indeed your wish, then I have no choice but to help you.”

Seventhseal glared at him. “You tried to kill us. How do we know we can trust you?”

tvman smirked. “That’s the joke. You don’t. Have you not heard the saying ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?’ Wouldn’t it be better for you if I stayed where you could keep an eye on me, as opposed to me slaughtering you all when you least expect it?”

Seventhseal and the angel stared at each other.

“Please can we keep him, Seventhseal? PLEASE? I’ll feed him and everything!”

“I’m not a dog!” the angel retorted.

Seventhseal reluctantly lowered his voice. “. . . . Fine. Do what you want. He kills you? Fine. Not my problem.”

“Thank you!” Goten said. "So does that mean that you’re not going to kill me anymore, Mr. tvman?

tvman nodded. “We’ll see what happens.”

As tvman was saying this, he already had another purpose in his mind. “Perfect. Then I can keep an eye on this child to determine how dangerous he is. If too dangerous, then I shall have to take certain measures.”

Seventhseal glared at tvman, still unable to trust him. “Fine! If you’re done with your pet angel, can we get going? There should be an airport nearby; we can buy tickets and fly to Capcom.”

A voice interrupted Seventhseal. “That’s a terrible plan. Do you think we’re going to let any of you leave at this point?”

Standing atop a pile of rubble and melted steel was Conejo. His arms were folded, and he looked very angry.

It was at this time that tvman decided that he had had enough. “Human, my power ecipses yours. Leave here.”

Conejo jumped down. “Son of aka_Loki, white angel filth. You stain this world with your presence. You leave here.”

tvman was shocked that he knew his identity. “How do you know of our race?”

Conejo reached into his jacket and revealed a small necklace, with a medium-sized pendant, glowing a bluish-green color. “I may be old, but I still have my wits about me. And I still have my honor.”

tvman099’s face filled with dread when he saw the necklace. “I had thought those were destroyed.”

Goten grew worried when he saw tvman’s face. “What is that thing . . . ?”

Conejo smirked. “They were not destroyed. I have kept all of them, as a favor to some old friends of mine. You see, there are far more magical items on this planet than just the five legendary items.”

“Legendary items?” Goten asked.

“The Rifle of Malice, the Ring of Detril, The Sytar of the Cosmos, The Keyblade of Fate, and the Triforce of Power,” Conejo explained. “I sense that the child owns the Keyblade of Fate. Seventhseal, my former student, owns the Ring of Detril, and the Angel here has the Sytar of the Cosmos.”

Seventhseal sighed. “You’re really going to try and fight me, Old Friend?”

“As long as I have this necklace, Seventhseal, none of you can defeat me. However, I am willing to spare your lives if you deliver something for me.”

Conejo tossed the necklace to Seventhseal. “That belongs to Daystar. When you find her, tell her that it is Time. She’ll understand.”

Seventhseal calmed down. “Why are you doing this?”

Conejo sat down. “I am beginning to get old. Think of me as an old man getting his kicks in while he still can. There is a dock about a mile south of here. Daystar is heading towards it now as well. There should be a ship left. Gamer has the airport blocked off.”

Seventhseal nodded. “We’ll do that. But won’t you get in trouble?”

“Not if I tell them where you’re going, which will happen in about 20 minutes.”

“A head start, eh? Point taken, let’s go!”

Seventhseal grabbed Goten and ran off. tvman099 was about to leave, when Conejo teleported in front of him.

“White angel . . . I do not know what your plans are concerning that child, but they will not work. I’ve trained Seventhseal better than that.”

tvman smirked. "No amount of training can prepare him for me," he said, flying away.

“Is there a reason we’re just wandering around?” Haseo said in exasparation. “What happened to finding the others? What happened to finding Seventhseal? Do you even know where we’re going?”

“We are looking for Seventhseal. So just shut up, will you?”

“Then why are we going towards the dock? The battle was way over in that direction!” Haseo remarked, pointing north.

“I know that!” Daystar muttered. For some reason, she felt some sort of internal force that was drawing her towards something. Whatever that something was, she knew she wasn’t going to like it.

After a few minutes, she found herself at the dock. To her horror, she realized what she had been drawn to–at the dock was a downed fighter plane, most likely caused from the fight earlier. Inside of the plane, the pilot laid, unconscious.

Haseo sighed heavily. “Damn, I hate the water. Why’d you drag us here?”

He stopped talking when he saw Daystar walking towards the fighter plane. Her military uniform changed into a long black hooded robe.

“Star? Hey, uh . . . Star, where’re you goin’!?” He made no move to follow her when he saw the uniform change. This was the other Daystar, the one who defeated him so handily. The one who’s coldness extended beyond human measure.

The pilot inside began to breathe slower. A piece of shrapnel pierced through his chest, and he was suffering greatly. He could not move anything but his head. Looking up with blurry vision, he barely recognized Daystar.

Unable to speak, he began mouthing words to her. She nodded, pulling out her shotgun. She held it up to his forehead, and pulled the trigger.

Daystar’s coldness temporarily subsided, her face filled with pity. “Your suffering has ended, young one.”

Suddenly, the sky darkened above Daystar. Indifferently, she created a black dome of energy around herself and the helicoptor to block the skyscraper that was about to land on her.

“Oh, sh*t!” Haseo uttered in amazement. He knew who had thrown that in an instant.

Landing nearby, pale from stress and lack of sleep, and completely filled with rage, Gamer98 lowered his gravity gun. “Sister, I knew you were a traitor, but I didn’t know you were a murderer too!”

The dome dissipated; Daystar’s expression didn’t change. He was going to die anyway.

Conejo landed behind Gamer, roughly tossing the still-injured Gordon to the ground.

“OK . . . I’m gonna need some kinda . . . worker’s comp for this . . .”

Gamer stepped forward. “So you admit it! Looks like I’m going to capture you again, little sister!”

Conejo put a and on Gamer’s shoulder. “Don’t do it. You won’t win aga–”

“Shut up!” Gamer interrupted, materializing a shotgun in his hand.

“Wait!” Conejo said, pulling him back. “Do you want to cause an incident? Your capital was just destroyed–do you know how we look in the eyes of the people? Now imagine how we would look if we blamed one of our own captains!”

“That’s a moot point, Old Man. She needs to be punished; and I’m gonna do it right now!”

Conejo sighed. “If you really want to do that, I don’t care. But just remember that if you do, you’ll end up repeating your father’s misgivings. Didn’t you tell me that you hated your father? This is the same man who–”

Gamer turned around and grabbed Conejo by his shirt collar, cutting him off. "Then what do you suggest I do?"

Conejo smirked. “Just get rid of them. Get them out of your kingdom for good.”

Silence. It stretched on as Gamer looked at Conejo as if he were crazy.

“You’re trying to manipulate me, aren’t you old man?”

“These are just the senile ramblings of an old fo–”

“BULLSHT!! You’re planning something! What do you know that I don’t!? Huh!? Huh!? Tell me right fcking now!” Gamer said, shaking Conejo furiously.

“I’ll tell you . . . . . . . . . later.”

“Aaahh!! You piss me off so much!”

Daystar squinted her eyes at Conejo. Why does he look so familiar?

As if on cue, Goten and Seventhseal appeared on the scene as well. They doubled back in a heartbeat when they saw all of their enemies in one place. tvman099 arrived afterwards, not caring about the petty little conflicts going on around him.

Gamer looked around at the crowd that had gathered. “Haseo? Seventhseal!? The brat!? The Angel!?”

Seventhseal pulled back his fist, clobbering Goten across the head. “You said that no one would be here!”

Goten rubbed the sore spot on his head. “I said that I hoped that no one would be here!”

“I blame you anyway!” Seventhseal griped. “More importantly, how the hell did Conejo get here before us?”

Conejo stepped forward. “Our gracious and grand leader, Gamer98, has requested that any and all outsiders to this kingdom please leave this country at once. Isn’t that right?”

“H-hey! I never said that! Quit putting words in my mouth!!”

“Well, you were going to anyway, right?” Conejo said, glaring at Gamer. Gamer froze, trapped by Conejo’s words. After a while of sweating, he finally got to his breaking point.

"You know what!? I don’t give a damn anymore about any of this sh*t! Who cares about courts or bylaws, I’m passing sentence now!

“Haseo! You are immediately stripped of your rank as Captain and are now hereby banished!”

“Hey . . . what the hell did I do now!?”

Conejo stared at Haseo. “I’m sorry. I had to tell him.”

Haseo appeared shocked, but then looked down in shame. “I guess . . . it had to come out sometime, huh?”

Gamer turned around. “Seventhseal. You and the brat, why’d you come here anyway?”

Seventhseal de-materialized his weapons. “You captured us, remember!? Then you arrested us for no reason! Or did you conveniently forget!?”

“Oh. Right. My bad.”

"My bad!?" Seventhseal seethed.

Gamer sighed. “Fine. I’ll give you free transportation to where you need to go, as well as military escort to make up for it.”

“You’d damn well better for all the trouble we went through. We need to go to Capcom to meet up with my comrades.”

“Part of the Third-Party Offensive Force, eh? Well, whatever. Do what you want. Just don’t take any planes. The only way to go to Capcom would be to pass through Sony’s airspace. Take a ship, they’re faster. Leave immediately, because you all make me sick.”

Gamer looked at Daystar. “First, a traitor, then a murderer. But you’re still my sister.”

He took a crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to Daystar. She looked boredly at Gamer. What is this?

“I don’t know what . . . change . . . has come over you. What the hell did you do to yourself?”

Daystar looked away. Your sister is just fine. I am merely using her body at the moment.

“Uh . . . sure. Whatever. This is a note, addressed to our sister. Deliver it.”

Daystar put the note away. My duty has passed . . .

Daystar’s robes disappeared, transforming back into her Captain’s uniform. She lost consciousness; Gamer had to catch her before she hit the ground.

"The hell is up with her?" Gamer exclaimed. Conejo looked down at Daystar’s sleeping face. “I’ll explain everything later.”

“Well, she’s banished too.”

“You’re a good brother, Gamer.”

“Oh, shut up. Gather the rest of our forces. Tell Frankie to take care of our guests here. Tell the others to draw up plans to rebuild the city. And get my paperwork ready, I can already tell that I have a lot of sh*t to pay for.”

While this was going on, Seventhseal glared at tvman099, who appeared indifferent at the events going on in front of him.

“So I assume you’re coming with us?”

“Life’s a b*tch, isn’t it?”


The End of Act One. Only Five More Acts to go until the end . . .

Sixthseal, The Keeper of Perfection
Place of Birth: ???
Weapon(s): Ring of Detril, Assorted Weapons
Fighter Type: ???

ATK: *****
DEF: *****
MAG: *****
LUK: *****

Xerdna, The Keeper of Sorrow
Place of Birth: ???
Weapon(s): Staff of the Shadow Fox
Fighter Type: Dark Angel

ATK: *****
DEF: *****
MAG: ****
LUK: ***

Daystar, Keeper of Death
Place of Birth: ???
Weapon(s): Rifle of Malice
Fighter Type: ???

ATK: **
DEF: ***
MAG: *****
LUK: *****

That’s really an amazing read. I’m hooked!

Thanks. Posted this back in January. No one read it back then, hoping someone will read it now.


Ah I was about to ask if you had posted this before. I know you were writing something sometime ago; I guess this was it or something similar to it.

Regardless of when it was posted, it was quite good. Though I did once in awhile get slightly confused on which character the section was talking about when it switched from First-person to Third-person. It’s still good nonetheless. If anything, it reminds me of my piece I need to write…

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@_@ I’m amazed

So, this is the Prologue, right?

That’s some pretty cool shit right there.

I’ll be honest though, I didn’t read it… Still cool nonetheless.

I was looking through my old files, and it turns out that I actually have to prologue on my hard drive. I’m missing the first three chapters, unfortunately.

Also, I seem to be missing a shitload of other chapters too. Well, time to look again . . .

This is Chapter Nine.


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Some notes:

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