You know, it’s Ridge Racer. :smiley:

Yeah, well, you try to think of a good title. :disgust;

Anyway… Remember when the DS and the PSP were first announced back in 2004, and Ridge Racer ended up coming out on both of the systems as a launch title? And each system’s devotees proclaimed that their version would be superior in some way?

Well, I’ve never played the PSP one, but, you know, looking back (and even then), Ridge Racer on the DS wasn’t so hot.

If had that obligatory “drive the car with the stylus” mode on the bottom screen, because if you DIDN’T have touch controls back in 2004, everyone and their grandmother bitched about you. And if may be the only game in recent memory that I can remember where when you run into grass, and invisible wall prevents you from rolling over it and a metal crashing noise can be heard.

Anyhoo, the game had some issues with the controls being super loose, but it wasn’t a horrible game. It certainly had some replay value to it. But I’ve always wondered, how did the PSP version of the game ever turn out? I never did play it and could never find it in stores after I got the system.

Find out for yourself.

I liked it. It was more graphics for the PSP, and touch for the DS. Holy shit the graphics are good on the PSP. But there’s better PSP racers out there… thats irrelevant to this topic though…

From the limited time I played, I liked OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast better than Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition on PSP.