Is it just me, or do you also think that...

… Black Friday has sucked pretty much this year?

Now with Circuit City out of the running, a lot of stores seem to have backed off on a lot of their better sales now that they aren’t around for the competition.


Yeah I know last year Amazon was really pushing hard with insane deals to become the premier site for buying games online… This year they kinda phoned it in >_>

Well… some movies and games I wanted were marked down, so I’d say it was pretty good.

Black Friday sucked this year and last year. For me, at least.

There were some decent deals on HD TVs, but I already have one… There were some alright deals on other things, but I didn’t plan on saving the money for any of them.

There were no good sales anywhere near here. The biggest I saw was 60% off in a furniture/mattress store. Meh. And every shopping outlet was overcrowded.

I never have, and never will shop on black friday. It’s just not worth it to me.

I live in a too crowded area for black friday to be cool.

People need to die for real.

I did not leave my house today for fear of being trampled roaming hordes of rednecks and beaners.

There was a couple of really good sales going on online a 30 gig zune for $68 and a $150 street fighter te stick from $99 the regular one going for $50.

Who needs to leave the house to buy something on Black Friday? O_o

I think you’re confusing Black Friday with Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday? :confused;

Wanna cyber?

:lol Seriously?

That’s the Monday after Black Friday, where online retailers kick off loads of deals from their sites. I can’t fucking wait. It’s the day Black Friday wishes it was.

Yeah, I thought it was… nevermind…