Insane. Gamestop offering $20 for old games.

Time to flip some shit!

I just turned Eternal Sonta, GT 5p, and Street Fighter 4 into $60. :smiley:

ES and GT5p regular trade in value were 9.25.

SF4 regular trade in value is $4.25 :lol :lol

You may have trouble at some stores. I went to a nice store and they let me trade in all 3 on a single transaction. They were out of AC2 so he put it all on a gift card and I drove to another Gamestop who had it in stock.

Still too low. >_>

Yeah, I had a guy come in yesterday. He traded in a game that’s value was $2 but he got an extra $10 just because it was a PS3 game.

A game that gets released 9 months ago is considered “old” these days?

If the trade in value is less than $10 it’s old to me >_>

Chad, your gamer card… >____>

What about it??

You look nothing like it. And what’s with the glasses, you Morpheus or something?? :confused;

The hell? Outside of the hair/facial hair which is close thats how I look. And I wear glasses almost just like those except I have silver frames not black.

I wonder what you’d guys say about my avatar.

From a Gamestop? Hmm I don’t know? I still don’t give a shit for their trade-ins. Honestly I used to think they were okay because they had games that were out of print but I found amazon and no longer care about Gamestop since Amazon has better selection.

Also you were pretty lucky to turn in Street Fighter 4 for $20 that’s actually surprising. Honestly selling that game for more than $20 now rides on the bonus you get for having it with Super Street Fighter 4. Capcom is just showing consumers should wait for updated versions of their games considering this stuff isn’t DLC like it should be. Resident Evil 5 does have the DLC still people who buy Gold or Alternative are going to get that for free. Either way some companies need to realize why consumers are more likely to give them the finger for doing things like this. I guess they really don’t give a crap about the people who actually buy it at full price and the people who are basically hyping it for them. At least I can be happy Capcom isn’t pulling that stuff with Tatsunoko Vs Capcom in the US. Capcom is giving us Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars instead of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes. Capcom still sucks for having a mediocre selection of characters in that game. My opinion of that game went down when I realized the character selection should be better especially for a Capcom Vs. title. American players won’t know half of them either which hurts it even more.

BTW don’t take this as me hating on Capcom. I personally like Street Fighter 4 I just don’t appreciate the way they had people buy it and then expect them to buy it again. It was just an example that was easier to use since they have stuff in the works currently on both of their large franchises on 360 and PS3. Something for Capcom to think about is they’ve shaken my friends confidence in being an early adopter on Resident Evil and Street Fighter and I’m sure he’s not the only one. I’m certianly going to scrutinize Street Fighter 5 and Resident Evil 6 a heck of alot more now and other Capcom franchises. I do have to admit they are okay because these are large established franchises but I find it unwise to cause consumers buyers remorse.