inFamous Demo Impressions

So I just got through with the demo and I’m impressed with it.

For starters it actually starts on a low note as you are basically doing an escort mission of a train >_________________________> and then after that you kinda get the feeling of “Ok the demo is about to end” but then it doesn’t :smiley:

After the escort mission you get warped to another location and they actually do a shift and make you evil or as they call it inFamous. Here the game really opens up and gives you way more combat.

The combat situations are actually pretty good and aren’t a walk in the park. You will come to hate the fat mutherfuckers with the rocket launchers so much :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: but it seems to have checkpoints that aren’t that far apart so it’s not all that bad…but still screw those guys :neutral_face:

Controls felt nice and had a small learning curve. Graphics are ok nothing to write home about but it does run really well and at times hit about 50 FPS.

Overall it’s a hefty demo that starts out bland and ends on a high note. :slight_smile:

what the fuck sbf? the demo’s out and you didnt make a thread about it BEFORE IT CAME OUT?
fuck you im downloading it when i get home, do want

Oh god, I enjoyed that demo so much.

I love that you can go straight from punching people to sending them flying or zapping them.

And the other people with powers that you fight (Conduits) can be a pain at first, so I know what you mean, sbf.

All in all, that demo was a blast. I really want this game, now.

As far as platforming goes, it really reminded me of Sly Cooper. And yes, that’s a good thing. I thought the climbing controls were very well implemented and I the camera usually stayed where I wanted it.

The demo was pretty long, too. I counted 2 main quests and 2 sub-quests before I timed out (or died too many times or something).