Incredibly weird dream the other night...

The other night I had a dream that felt like it was pulled from some sci-fi action movie. It was kinda creepy because everything was happening to me and it was very detailed but at the same time, it was pretty bad ass.

It started off where I was at work- all stressed out and was talking to a friend (though in the dream, I couldn’t really tell who they were…They looked like one of my real life friends but I don’t think it was him) to pass the time. When all of the sudden I get this call saying to go to some meeting room at some big building downtown. So I go there with my friend. When I get there, I find a bunch of other people and a few of my co-workers.

We were asked to sit down in this auditorium where there was this huge screen. The lights dimmed down and some lady (who I guess was suppose to be a celebrity) came out onto a stage and began talking to us. She said that we all had been working ourselves to death and needed a vacation. So we were all being treated to a free vacation from the company. Then they played this long commercial for her resort. It showed clear blue water, bright sunny beaches, a golf course, a spa, being able to swim with whales and dolphins, and all that good stuff. We were told that we were getting a weekend-free pass to try the resort out before it opened to the public and then give feedback on how it was. We were suppose to leave early in the morning the next day (which was I’m guessing Friday) and then come back early Sunday morning.

Naturally we were all excited but something struck me odd about it. The resort was on some old oil rig in the middle of the ocean. When I asked about it, the lady said that the rig drilled all the oil out from the location years ago and she bought the property to renovate it and turn it into a private resort where people would ride a small private plane out to the rig and then stay there for however long they booked. I thought it was really odd but needless to say, I went home and packed.

My dream then shifted to the next day. It was early in the morning and I was at the airport, again with my friend. I only had a carry on bag with me since I only needed a swimsuit and enough clothes to basically last one day. I was in the lobby at the airport on my cell phone trying to call Paul to tell him that I forgot my phone charger at home. I wanted to tell him that I was going to be turning my phone off to save the battery but I would call him again when I got to the resort to give him the resort’s number if he needed me and that I would just use their phone to call him throughout the weekend. However, when I asked one of the resort workers who was at the lobby about the place’s number, he just kinda smirked and laughed before telling me to put my phone away and not use it or he’d take it. I asked why and he said, “Because the phone will interfere with plane’s equipment”. I tried telling him that the phone wouldn’t have an effect on the plane in the lobby but then he started to get aggressive with me and took it. Again, something didn’t seem right.

Eventually they told us that we could move onto the plane and take our seats even though it would still be about half an hour before we were going to be taking off. The plane was pretty big and luxurious for a private plane. It had scarlet colored silk curtains over all the windows, had dim lights, and really nice carpeting. There was another screen in the front of the plane (like for in-flight movies) where the commercial was playing again and the same lady from the day before was standing there answering questions. While taking me seat, I heard someone say that they had heard that we were going to be there for week. I told them that that wasn’t true since yesterday we were told it would only be for a weekend. The person disagreed with me.

I raised my hand to ask the lady. When I was called upon, I asked how long we were going to be there. She answered, “Oh a week.” I looked confused and asked that if we were going to be there for a week, then why would they tell us to only pack enough stuff to last a day. She looked at me with a stern look on her face. I stood up and grabbed my bag. I then said in front of everyone else on the plane, “You won’t give us details about the resort, you won’t let me call my boyfriend, and now this? Something’s not right here. So screw this!” and I threw my bag down.

My friend next to me said, “What the hell are you doing?!” I turned to him and explained that I didn’t like what was going on so I wasn’t going to go on the trip. I asked him to come with me because I was now worried about his safety too but before I could convince him and get out of the aisle, some security guards were blocking the way. They said they were escort me off but as soon as we got to the back of the plane, one of them grabbed my arms. As I struggled against him, the lady stood in front of me with more men in black suits around her. I tried to yell something (I think it was along the lines of, “You bitch!”) but a cloth with chloroform was placed over my mouth. As I began to faint, she just kinda laughed and mocked my statement about not going on the trip.

When I came to, I found myself with my arms bound somewhere in the back of the plane. I could hear the low hum of the engine so I knew we had taken off. A guard was there with a gun saying that if I spoke, he’d shoot me. So I laid there a bit dazed, trying to think of what to do because my suspensions of something being seriously wrong were pretty much proven since I was now being held hostage by these people. Then I heard a lot of commotion coming around the corner from where I was. I looked up to see the guard getting up to check it out, then next thing I know he was laying on the ground in front of me out cold. I don’t know what happened since I was still drifting in and out of being unconscious. I felt myself get lifted up.

My vision came to and I saw my friend holding me up and untying me; he was going on about how he was thinking about what I said and was regretting that he didn’t go with me when I was being escorted off. He was blaming himself for this, saying that maybe if he went with me we could have escaped before the plane took off. I told him that it wasn’t his fault that he was tricked by them and that we could still find a way out of it no matter what. (After all, I being fueled by the desire to see Paul again. So I wasn’t going to let anything keep me from getting back home.) When he got the rope of my wrist, I leaned against him a bit as he helped me to my feet. It took me a second to get adjusted to standing after being drugged and even though my head was still pounding, I could walk.

We slipped down into the baggage hold to hide so that we could have some time to think about what to do. We were trapped on a moving plane that was supposedly over the ocean and now the whole staff basically wanted us dead. I asked him a few questions about if he knew what was really going on. He only shook his head and said that when I asked about me, they told him that I was escorted off the plane, but he had commented on my bag still being there and asked why they didn’t give it to me before I was kicked off. He said that they didn’t comment on it and just walked away. To him, that was really odd so he got up to ask someone else, that’s when he apparently saw something of mine (I think it might have been a piece of my jewelry) laying on the ground and knew that I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. So he got worried about me and started to panic. He ended up getting into a few fights with some of the staff in the back and discovered where I was when one of them yelled, “Quick! Get him and put him with the other!”

We both agreed that something was really wrong and that we needed to stop the plane from getting to its destination to save everyone else. He said that he remember the rig not being far from some islands and suggested that we tried to land the plane one of them. I said that it was a crazy enough idea to work, but it would require us to gain control of it and that would be difficult with the whole staff looking for us. He shook his head and said that there we could do something with the engine from controls in the back of the plane. (Don’t ask me why there were controls for the engine in the back…because I don’t know. They were just there, ok?)

So we snuck to where the engine was and I tried to hack into the system to gain control of it. (Note: the plane was one of those small ones that could land on water.) It was our plan to slow the engine down enough to where the plane slowly lost height, forcing it to land and then calling for help from one of the islands. I sucessed in hacking it; we could feel it slowing down, but we were discovered. The lady was standing before us with a large man aiming at us. We were told to hold our hands up and to step towards the loading dock door. She opened the door. We both looked over our shoulders to see that the plane was flying fairly close to the water’s surface, so we weren’t very heigh. She then told us that while we didn’t know everything, we knew too much and had interfered with their plans. Apparently my display from earlier and then my friend’s reckus caused a big stir with the other passenagers and now they were all panicing too. She said it was time to get rid of us once and for all.

She aimed at my friend first but of course, I couldn’t let anything happen to him and I was also pretty pissed at her. So I ran up and tackled her, knocking her gun out of her hands. We tumbled a bit on the ground and I managed to grab it before she did. So now I stood over her with it pointing at her, but the man with her now had my friend by the throat with his gun pointing at him. He threatened to kill him if I didn’t drop the weapon. I told him I would if he backed away from my friend first. So he dropped him; my friend fell to the ground gasping for air and I tossed my gun aside. When I did, that bitch kicked me in my jaw with her heel. I fell back and slid across the ground. (The pilots had overriden my hack and now had control again. So the plane was regaining height, causing us to lose our balance and slide towards the open door.)

The man helped the lady to her feet. He held her up while grabbing onto a handle on the wall or something to keep himself and her from sliding. My friend and I were now both on the ground; I was bleeding from a busted lip and he had red marks on his neck. He had his arm wrapped in a strap that was holding down cargo to the floor and had his other arm wrapped around my waist to keep me from falling out of the plane. Our battle had now turned from a violent one to a ‘whoever can hold on the longest’ fight. I saw that the strap was digging into my friends arm and he was losing his grip; I knew I had to do something. One of the guns slide down to us, and I grabbed it.

I ordered him to let me go. At first, he refused saying that he wasn’t going to let me fall. I told him that it was ok, that I wasn’t going to slip. He hestited for a bit before letting me go. I slide a bit but managed to regain enough of a balance to stand up and run towards the control panel by the engine. The woman yelled, “What are you doing?!” When I shot the panel. Sparks flew out and the engine stopped completely. The plane began to tilt forward. She yelled again, “You damn fool! Now we’re all going to die!”

Everything after that happened too quickly for me to remember it all. I know that we crashed onto land and I blacked out durning it. When I woke up, I was laying on the ground in the rubble. My whole body was stiff and sore; I think I dislocated something in my shoulder. I looked around and couldn’t find my friend, but instead, I found the man who was now standing over me. He looked down at me with his arms crossed. I looked up, grinning my teeth saying, “Go ahead…Finish me…That’s what you’re here for, right?”

He shook his head and said, “It’s already finished.” I stood up holding onto my arm and asked him what he meant. He went on explaining about how the resort was just a coverup for some sort of experiement with a parasite. They wanted to see how the parasite infected the host. The resort was used to help trick people into going there to become subjects. He said that my group wasn’t the first taken to it;there were a couple test groups before our’s. Apparently the whole ‘weekend pass to test the resort out’ was just a lie so that no one questioned why such small groups of people were taken there at a time.

I was stunned and confused. I asked why he felt it was finished. He took his sunglasses off that he was wearing and apparently didn’t fall off durning the crash. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “Because you were already infected.”

I collapsed to the ground, holding my stomach and said, “You mean…?”

He knelt down beside me and nodded while he pulled out an empty needle, “Yes, I infected you while you were unconscious after the crash.” He got up and walked away, leaving me there on the ground with my friend still unconscious beside me. I don’t know if he was infected too or not; all I know is that I woke up shortly after that.

Just though I’d share because I’m sleep deprived right now…

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Why pay $20 for the book when all the important stuff is right here? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll read it tonight, when I myself am less tired. =.=

Scary stuff.

I always wake up when my weird dreams start to get interesting, though.