In a week...

This will be mine:

It’s a maple cello with a spruce top with a varnish finish. It came with two cases (one soft travel case and a hard case which I’ll end up keeping it in when not using it.) Most importantly, it comes with a tuner as well as some online beginning courses. (Plus some extra strings, a bow, and a stand.)

Since it’s coming from California, I probably won’t get it until sometime next week. And even though it’s a huge set back money wise, I’m really happy that I finally decided to order it. I’ve been wanting something other than gaming to do and I’ve been drooling over a cello for awhile. Luckily with not having anything to buy for awhile, I should be ok.

Nice! Do you plan on taking any lessons?

Very nice looking and great to see you want to play it. I’ve personally always wanted to play the piano myself.


The package I bought does come with free beginner classes which will hold me over until I regain some money to spend on a couple hands-on classes.

Cello’s look weird. :Q

Although that’s probably because I’m used to violins.

There’s this girl in my Jazz band who can play the Cello like there’s no tomorrow.

It should be here tomorrow night!