I'm writing again.

Not that batman story but something else… This is just a little bit of what I have so far.

[quote]It was a sunny afternoon and on the way to the local store Albert had the entire day planed. He got up and did his morning exercise and was ready to meet the day once again. Albert drove to his spot in the parking lot like he always does and got out. He was more upbeat than usual but the town folk that knew him well knew that this was normal for him. As he passed people waved. Even the goth kids at the high school waved. Albert Cunningham was well respected by everybody. He had lived in this town all his life. The only time he left was to go to his son’s wedding that was in California. Now here in a small town in Colorado Albert Cunningham will soon learn that he was not as well respected as he once thought. Albert entered the store and saw Martha Brington standing over at the flowers. Martha was around his age and just as nice. Martha and Albert knew each other since they were in there 20s. They tried to get marred but things, like always, did not plan out. But that did not stop Albert and Martha stop being friends.

Martha saw that the winter was about to come in as kids start to wear there long jackets. “Winter equals Fun” She always said. Apart from the winter storm of 1967 Martha loved the winter. It made the flowers dead sure but she always saw it as a new beginning. Martha saw Albert and saw that Albert was just himself once again. He saw Martha and started to wave hi like he always does. For now life was good. He got canned good, drinks, food, and the things he need to survive the winter months. Survival was always his chance to shine. In January of 67’ He turned into a local hero and legend. When a bus full of kids tipped over Albert jumped into the chance to help. He was not alone of course but he help everybody have a grip on things and made things run smoothly. It was snowing and the freezing winds going nearly 60 did not help ether. If Albert was not there the kids would surly have died. He was even given a metal of bravery by President Johnson who came back from the states. They say that he did it all by himself but he always said that if it was not for the people that helped him he would not have succeeded. But for now he was heading into the car with a armful of bags when the unthinkable happened. [/quote]

Spelling errors, tense inconsistency, atrocious sentence structure.

I might pass you if you were 12.