I'm Throwin' Caution | Andrew and Ken's IMPLODING THE MIRAGE hype thread

  1. My Own Soul’s Warning
  2. Blowback
  3. Dying Breed
  4. Caution
  5. Lightning Fields (feat. k.d. lang)
  6. Fire in Bone
  7. Running Towards a Place
  8. My God (feat. Weyes Blood)
  9. When Dreams Run Dry
  10. Imploding the Mirage

The full album is out tomorrow (August 21st)! Get hype!

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The singles so far!

My favorite so far. Love the lyrics and bombast. Starts strong and only gets stronger. Reminds me of Flesh & Bone, which is a great thing. It’s probably relevant to many people’s lives right now, but I dunno… feels like they made this one for me and where I am in life at the moment, haha. Hard to explain.

I really didn’t care for this at first, I don’t come to The Killers for funkiness, but the message and some lyrics keep surfacing despite not listening to it as much as the others. This one has grown a lot on me already, and I feel it’ll keep growing on me even more.

I keep humming this and singing the lyrics, especially some lines towards the end. Easily my second favorite of the singles, and the music video is just charming.

Kind of starts out sounding like The Man (from Wonderful Wonderful), but the lyrical contents couldn’t be more opposite. (The Man: “I’m the fucking man!”, Dying Breed: “Guys like me are dying off, but at least we got each other”) Transforms into another solid guitar-heavy Killers single midway through, and the ending gets me pumped every time. I liked it from my first listen and I’ll probably keep listening to it for a long time.

God I cannot fucking WAIT for this album. I wanted to like Wonderful Wonderful so much but I just could not get on board with a lot of the choices… it didn’t sound like The Killers. And I remember basically lying to myself and others, “Yeah I think the new album is fantastic! The Man is solid and Run For Cover is excellent!” Looking back, The Man is fun to hum and tap your feet to, but it has almost no relisten value IMO – the lyrics are just too vapid, which is an odd complaint for a Flowers/Killers song indeed. And Run For Cover was dusted off from their Day & Age reject pile (probably for being too guitar-heavy for that album, than any kind of quality issue IMO, because I love and still listen to Run For Cover.)

With this album… my excitement is genuine. The new singles are so, so good. I have no trepidation anymore. Half of them are gone, but the music of The Killers is back, and I’m so fucking hyped. :smiley:

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I haven’t read spoilers on how Imploding the Mirage (the song) is gonna sound, but I’m excited to find out. The title tracks for the previous two albums were fairly long and a little experimental (especially Wonderful Wonderful.) They do come together and are solid songs, but they’re usually not my favorites on the album.

(I do bust out Battle Born every once in a while when I need to bust my negative thinking up.)

You never know
If you never learn
You never shine
If you never burn


…I still don’t like listening to this lol. I tried vibing and posting a lyric for it too but I just can’t lmao.

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And it got me thinking, no matter how far…

I just wanted to get back to where you are!!

I don’t care for The Killers that much, but the last 15 seconds are so on this is great. I know it sounds I’m knocking the song for being over, it’s just that I really like the instrumentals of its final few seconds.

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When You Were Young is so good overall too. Used to be in my top 3 songs for them but not sure where it’d stand right now. And yeah the last bit it magical.

Yessss YTM :clap:

The album is out!!

Interestingly, ‘Pitchfork’ has chosen to frame their review, in large part, within queer culture and gender fluidity. The entire review is worth a read.

Flowers has telegraphed a primal longing: Why didn’t God make him a gay musician? Instead, God made Flowers a singer-keyboardist who sets his larynx ablaze from the effort of caring. He writes songs for the young dreamers who hope to be rhinestone cowboys; he wants to see thousands of Brandon Flowers bloom. As tacky and bombastic as a Fourth of July celebration, Imploding the Mirage has more bangers than a Killers album should 16 years after their debut and without copping to “maturity.” This band remains as absurd—marvelously so—as ever.


I’m still a CD guy so there will be a bit of a wait for me :lol:

I’m not kidding. If you find the album version of Blowback on Youtube or something please post it.

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Every track is on YouTube due to the magic of YouTube Music :hugs:

Also CD over cassette?? Wtf is wrong with you!!!


To answer myself, it’s exactly in the vein of Battle Born, but the tone is much more hopeful than somber. I really, really dig it.

“You know when someone makes a record and they say that they have 50 songs and they’re going to release another record? Well, we really are!” laughs Flowers. “We’re going to release another one in about 10 months. We’ve already gone back into the studio with Rado and Shawn. I’m excited. It might be better than this one.”

I’m foreseeing the album getting delayed a year due to them really wanting to get back to touring, but 10 months would be an incredible turnaround.

I’m also betting we get this new album and then nothing for 5+ years, lol. :frowning: But cross that bridge if we get to it…

My God got me laughing at my own stupid shit. :lol:

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Early thoughts.

  • This album is a triumph.
  • Blowback has steadily creeped up on me; I know Ken loved it from the get-go, but it’s been more of a slow-burner for me. Having listened to the album version several times, it’s definitely on track to be the album’s dark horse for me.
  • Lightning Fields is probably the weakest track IMO.
  • My God is so goofy and fun.
  • Fire in Bone is so close to greatness but my opinion is shaping up to be that the production ruins it… The best part is the chorus and lyrics, and the funkiness isn’t consistent enough to feel genuine IMO. As an example there’s one audio glitch effect on “tempest tossed,” then it’s never used in the rest of the song. For… reasons. And also just saying “fire in bone” over and over and over (and over (and over)) randomly (and over) isn’t artistic, it’s just annoying, and reminds me of Wonderful Wonderful (the song) in a bad way. I almost expected a “MOTHERLESS CHILD” thrown in there for good measure. So yeah… as Blowback rises, so Fire in Bone falls in my personal rankings.
  • Jury’s still out for me as far as When The Dreams Run Dry and Running Towards A Place go, but I’m overall positive on them and expect to enjoy them more on relistens.
  • Caution has lost a very slight amount of its luster… the lyrics are so strong, and it’s such a fantastic single and return to form, but musically… it’s not quite interesting enough to make it into The Killers’ upper stratosphere. (I think Runaways is probably stronger, not even getting into Mr. Brightside, Read My Mind, or When You Were Young…) Maybe. It’s possible I reverse course on this…
  • Holy shit is My Own Soul’s Warning just amazing on almost every level… Just wish it didn’t repeat itself quite so much (it kinda just “ends”), but yeah, this is fast growing on me even more than the others (and I already liked it to begin with.)
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Gun to my head:

  1. Battle Born
  2. Imploding the Mirage
  3. Sam’s Town
  4. Hot Fuss
  5. Day & Age
  6. Wonderful Wonderful

The Desired Effect could easily sit at #1 or 2 for me personally (I really consider every song on that album generally as strong as the best The Killers singles.) *Flamingo is at the same level as Day & Age for me.

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I had my first full listen but wasn’t in the right frame of mind (was super tired, didn’t sleep much last night). I’ll update this or report back when I get another full listen or two. I am feeling positive about it mostly.

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