I'm the worst cellist ever.

So, about two and a half hours ago… I was going to practice my cello. After almost half an hour of tuning because everything was coming out sharp, I decided to check Apocalyptica’s forums to see what was going on. (Also to bitch to other cellists.)

Anyway, somehow I got onto the topic of bands… And well, I’ve wasted the past two hours looking up bands instead of practicing. I’ve discovered:



Sonata Arctica




Leave’s Eyes




Iced Earth




Visions of Atlantis


Jeeze Kumi put some extra bait on that hook.


Diving to other bands is a good thing. If there’s any stand-out songs, there’s a reason to learn to play it by ear. As long as you’ll practice soon enough.

Maybe you should try to learn some of these songs by playing at it’s core level, like using… oh I dunno… a bass. :slight_smile:


Jeeze Kumi put some extra bait on that hook.[/quote]

:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

Ahaaaaa…and with a good laugh I bid farewell.

Well first of, Gurren… I’m no where near ready to play by ear.

Second off, if I wanted to learn to play the bass guitar, I would have. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I am happy to find some new bands. My current music selection was beginning to grow stale.

Also, Andrex:


The only band from that list I know is Kamelot because Mishle from G4tv got me into them.