I'm sick of these motherfucking spiders in my motherfucking home.

Found this beast in my bathroom.


I found a freaky spider in my downstairs bathroom sink that was huge as well. Gotta find that picture of it… somewhere.

My house has alot of spiders, too.

We’ve managed to push them back into the basement, though. Like a few months ago, I had to spray my entire mattress down because I kept waking up with bites.

There’s no spiders or animals in my house.

And if theres a spider or two, my cat and dog chew it up.

I used to work at a grocery store that imported its bananas from South America. Every now and then we’d find Brazilian Wandering Spiders in the crates. I never saw any that were still alive, but some of the people that had been working there for a long time claimed to have seen a live one or two.

I can’t stand spiders. If I saw one of the damn things in my house I would freak out and just run into another room and get someone else to kill it.

We have nothing big like that here luckily.


Can I keep her? :3