I'm not sure if I should be truly impressed or truly saddened by this video...


So this kid apparently likes showing off. He’s playing Mr. Crowley while solving two Rubik’s Cubes.

All I can say is: the fuck…?

I bet the game was already recorded before the video started so the only thing he’s doing is solving the rubix cubes while mimicking the game footage.

And Rubik’s Cubes aren’t that hard. If you keep doing the same pattern over and over you can solve it very quickly.

So he’s watching the game in a mirror?

So not only is he playing the game, but he’s watching it backwards as he plays… right?

He’s not even getting the chords right in that video and it still registers correctly. Perfect example is when Ozzy starts singing.

I didn’t see him getting any wrong…

Do it on Panic Attack and I’ll be impressed. :frown;

He should spend more time getting a better hairstyle. Fucking mop headed freak >_>

Now, if he plays it perfect while transforming a rubix cube AND juggling kittens, I’ll be impressed.