I'm not one to reminisce (OK I am), but...

I periodically took screenshots, and came across one just now after plundering into the bottom of my Photobucket…

Sigh. Look at that. 100% on-topic, but fun too (most gay game character/screw a FF7 remake).

I miss even the look of the old forum. The Fusetalk 2.0, outside of the inability to edit anything, was still pretty good. Everything was lost with Jive, imo.

I hope this Summer we can make Gforum almost as good as those days. I’m counting on all of you!

Wow what a great forum that looks like.

you know what my response in the most gay character thread would have been if i was a member then? i don’t know but it’s fun thinking of the possibilities

You know just NVM… I don’t wanna know >_>

[quote=“sbf717”]Dude WTF is up with nasty.jpg

And don’t ask why I randomly searched for nasty.jpg in your photobucket[/quote]
:lol :lol I have absolutely no idea. If I can recall, I was in a thread and needed something to express “all over my face”, but as I had not heard of that phrase before, I used that.

Maybe? I don’t know. :lol

:lol :lol

Looks like a bunch of topics I wouldn’t care to bother with, except to explain why I think OoT is a worthless pile of shit.

Looks like someone decided to get cute:

lol Refugio…

Nostalgia… :frowning:

Also, Refugio wins. :smiley: