I'm not a bigfan of fan fiction but I had this batman idea...

…For awhile now and I just started it a few days ago. This is just the first part of Chapter one and I’m sorry about the spelling and grammer errors…

With the amount of People in the bank Harley Quinn could not believe that she was doing something this big all by herself. The Joker was away and knew that she would go nuts into the town. She was holding a bag in and thought that with Batman no where in sight she might have a little extra fun for the hell of it. When most people see Harley Quinn they could not believe someone so georgous could go the way she did. She held up the bag infront of the cashier and the casher knew that Harley wanted money.
“It will be OK.” Harley Quinn said looking around the bank. " It will only take a moment and then I’m off." She knew she was lying and she had the feeling so did the hostages. Harley Quinn pulled a gun out and people just jumped in shock.
“Get DOWN you sons of bitches!” Harley screamed pointing at the crowd
"There’s no need to get violent. We will do as you are told" The man up front said
" No need to get violent?" Harley had a look in her face that was gleeming with joy. Her eyes looked like marbles from a hot sunny day. The bank teller knew that this was pointless to talk to her but he had to get her full atticoun so Batman could swoop in and save the day. Harley look at him with a disdain that even Joker would be scared of. Quinn pointed the gun to the teller’s forehead and pulled the trigger. The impact of the bullet to the the skull was louder than the shot itself. People screamed as the teller’s body fell to the ground. She fired three times in the air as the a few people started to cry. She pointed to a woman near by who’s mascra was running down her cheek.
“Get the fucking money in the now bitch!!” Quinn yelled. The woman slowly walked towards her and felt something press hard aginst her chest. She looked down and saw something red oozing out. She pressed her hand on it and felt warm and sticky. She looked up and saw Harley pointed the gun at her with the smoke still coming out of the barrle. She fell into the ground unknown of what will happen.
“You need to move faster than that if you want to live” Quinn said as she was dancing around. She pointed at another teller who had his hands up the entire time. “GO GET IT!!” She screamed

The Teller was moving faster than anybody moved before and he had bags of bags of cash. When she put the gun away he signed in releave as the nightmare was finally over. She then held up a vest from the bag she had and told him to come here. "Now this wont hurt" She said putting the vest on him.
"Just think of it as a goodbye gift to the world. Most people would spend there entire lives wanting to put there name in a history book and now here's your chance." Quinn said locking the vest shut. 
" Don't move or you and the other people will find out that the best game to play is with others." She said holding the bag full of cash. Then she heard it. Cops and pretty soon Batman.
"Can't that B-Man ever let me be!?" She yelled looking out.
"Change of plans. If you move one inch and this place blows you got it!" Quinn said looking at the vested teller. She pulled out something like a switch but it was a button to the vest.

Looking inside the bank Batman saw that Harley Quinn was holding something and knew what it was. He had been at moments like this time and time again for awhile now and now that Quinn is loose with out the aid of the Joker Batman knew that Quinn was going crazy.	 He looks at through the lens and saw that a man was waring a vest. 
"So what do we got Gordon?" Batman said
"Robbery judging on Quinn's face she must have killed a few. This whole goddamn thing when to hell once The Joker left. Who knew she would be just as crazy if not more than that freak?" Gordon said looking at the bank. Gordon hated Quinn for a passion and hated Joker more. Joker nearly killed his little girl a few years back but Batman saved her. Gordon was in his 50's and looking wrather wartorn. Commisnor Jim Gordon hated this town but loves it citizians enough to protect them at what ever means nessarry. Even trusting a man dressed like a bat. Gordon did not like Batman at first til the crime rate drops since Batman put Maroni, a big level mob boss, in jail. Now with all the crazies like Quinn here he wonder why he was still here after all the death threats and all the action he had seen. Gordon looked up at Batman knowing he was planning something. At least Batman tries his best not to kill any civillans. Gordon Thought. Batman has been increadbly good about that. He has a perfect dead eye aim that it scares him sometimes. What if he missed? What if in a moment of panic Batman with all his goodness and readines goes away in that one second of truth? Gordon knew Batman for a while and knew that Batman was ready on pretty much anything. He even made that hardass District Attorny Harvey Dent believe in Batman. Harvey took a bit of getting used to and Gordon still thinks that Harvey thinks that Batman is a nuccense than a defender of the people. Gordon looked up and Batman again as he watches every move that Quinn makes. 
"What's she doing, Batman?" Gordon asked
"Dancing around...Like always" Batman said putting his binocluers up.
"Does she know your here?"
"She Knows." The dance that Quinn is doing is her way of taunting someone. Sometimes it can be sexy and sometimes it can be scary for Batman it was a mixture of both. He did not like it. Dr. Harleen Quinzell was a top of her field but fell in love with the wrong person. Perhaps if she never met the man that twisted her mind she would be a good friend for Batman but he knew it was not ment to be. Quinn was a bit of a bitch and needed things to be done right then and there. At least Selina Kyle was flexable enough to hang out with. Selina was the only one to know Batman's true identiy. Quinn was still dancing as the cops looks around to see when and where it would be safe to enter. Batman knew that getting Quinn was going to requre alot of work but he always had a plan. Gordon looks at Quinn with great disdain. He looked up and Batman was gone. He looked around and he could not be seen anywere.

Harley was still dancing when one of the hostage was starting to run to the front of the bank and in a flash Quinn stopped and fired at the running hostage. The body flew a few feet as the impact of the bullets hit his back. Gordon was shocked to see this was happing and the news media ,like always, was taping the event. Harley moved to the group and pointed her gun at everyone and telling them to shut up. Harley wanted to leave and fast but with Batboy and the pigs right outside slipping out may be a bit hard to do. 
"Nothing like a big bang for a distraction." Quinn said to her self looking at the watch. It was pushing 9 and almost time for the news. It would be perfect for her to blow the place up with the entire Gotham watching. She could see it now
"Harley Quinn escapes by explotions by killing 25 hostages." It was something Harley could love to see when watching it. If Batman had left her and Joker alone all those years ago then maybe they would start a normal life together. Just Maybe. She looked around and moved to the back of the bank holding a bag full of money and a button.
"I have got to run but this has been so much fun!" Quinn yeld. She went to the back of the bank and opened the door and standing there was Batman. Batman was a foot taller than Harley Quinn but that did not matter to her she was more quick. 

Batman used his grappling hook to get to the side of the building. It was a normal 3 story building complete with gargals and offices. He shimmied to the side of the building hoping that Quinn did not see him. Sometimes he wondered if this was all worth it. All the maniacs like Joker, Quinn,Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow are the way they were because of him. If he left and let Gotham to rot would the mainics would leave too, or would they still be here doing more damage than ever before. It was an outh he gave himself when he was nine. During a night out with his parents he saw them get killed right in front of him. All that blood that pored out of the dead parents had haunted him for years. Sometimes expactally during there birthdays Batman would wake up at night screaming, covered with sweat, and crying. It was something that no person should have to endure no matter who they are. Crazy or not. Then as he was about to head to the back of the bank he heard t he shots. three shots and a loud gasp of people outside the bank and inside. Harley had just killed another one. Damn it Quinn, he thought. He could not waste anymore time. He knew that Quinn would leave at any moment and knew where she would go. He silently fell to the earth below in front of the back door that was locked so many years ago. When he notice that the chain was broken he knew it was ether because of The Joker or Harley Quinn. Getting revenge for the deaths was about to be paid off.

Harley Marie Quinn went to the back of the bank and opened the door and standing there was Batman. Batman was a foot taller than Quinn but that did not matter to her she was more quick. As the first punch by Batman missed Quinn by inches Quinn did a backflip and more gymnastic moves as she tries not to blow the place up with her inside. It would be an amazing way to die, she thought, killing myself, killing the hostage, and killing Batman. It was not she would want to go out but if that means killing Batman then she was all in for it. She continue to dodge his attacks as the fight was taken outside. Gordon, the cops, and the media saw this grand fight as Batman was missing alot of punches. 
"YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!!!" Quinn joked around
"Give up Quinn, It's OVER!" Batman yelled.
"Over my Dead BODY!" She yelled and pushed the button. The large explotion inside the bank shook everyone out side. Quinn and Batman seems to be unaffected as the shockwave hit everybody. People started to scream and panic. The police tired to calm everybody down as the Bank was in flames. Batman did not notice anything but Quinn running away. He pulled out a batarang and threw it at Quinn. The line that was following the batarand wrapped around Quinn's feet as she fell dropping the bag of money. As Batman moved closer Quinn was trying to untie herself from the bonds.
"This is NOT over." Quinn said. " When Mr. J comes back mark my words that there will be hell to pay. There will be HELL TO PAY!" 
Batman slaped her in the mouth to make her shut up and dragged her by the feet to his Batmobile. Batman saw that Gordon was on his way and stayed to see if Gordon needed anyhelp. 
"hell to pay....hell to pay....hell to pay..." Quinn was softly saying. Batman looked at her and punched her nose causing it to break and knocking her out. Gordon came up and saw that Quinn was unconsious.	
"Look Batman, I'm sorry over the hostages it looked like there was almost 30 inside including a few kids. I know you did your best and you always do." Gordon said he must have knew that all those deaths are affecting Batman right now. Batman looked up and saw that Gordon was tired all it all. He needed a few words of confurt.
"Look at the bright side Commissioner. Quinn is caught and Dent did not come by." Batman said
"At least there are some good news. What are you going to do about Quinn?"
"Send her back to Arkham. Knowing Dent he would probally do a full court case on Quinn. Use her for his own personal gain."
"Can you blame him?"
"I wish I can say no but I can't. It's freaks like this that keeps me motavated on doing what's right."
"I wish I had your strangth Batman"
"You already have and then some" And with that Batman left and heading out to Arkham to put Harley Quinn away as Commissioner James Gordon is left with the mob and press.

How is it so far. The Chapter is called 6 months ealier and the story is when Batman is “killed” by the Joker after a successeful good side flip Two-Face goes a bit of an identiy crisis and starts doing good around gotham. Joker will try to get TF back to his evil ways. Superman, Harley Quinn, Joker, Gordon, Mad Hatter, Penguin, Poison Ivy and Dick Grayson will be in the story as well.

I wish I had an attention span these days.