I'm Gary Oak



Bitch! I found the video! :neutral_face:

Favorited. Awesome.

Im riding magikarp! Doing flips and shit :lol

I laughed a couple of times but I guess I have to be a fan of Pokemon to enjoy it more…

This is better

I do got to say it does have thoughtful lyrics. Really though its pretty hard for things to be better than Yugioh Abridged Little Kurioh was very thoughtful and hilarious when he made that series. The problem others have with parodies is that they don’t really think about how the voices should sound not to mention yugioh abridged jokes are pretty funny regardless.

Well of course that’s better. Anything done by my husbando, Little Kuriboh, is of god tier.

Edit: Bawww… Rebbecca is in that video… :frowning:

Gary sucks. Fact.

Sure if you like fucking dead babies.

You can’t ignore his girth.

Bitch, don’t judge me. :bitch;