I'm back, it's me DP: Don't Copy that Floppy 2 (It's Official?!)


?!?!?!? :down;:down;:down;

That was kind of sick.

Why the fuck does this guy sound like Tay Zonday?

Dont floppy that copy
we forget that
we get most of our fans
this way
dont floppy that copy
if it was not for
illegle downloading
we would not be
as famous as
most people
dont floppy that copy
We know that
downloading albums
give people a chance to
download a album and
if they like it they will
come to our concerts
and buy our T-shirts
where most of our money comes from
don’t coppy that floppy
the RIAA needs more money to sue
more 8 year olds and
40 year olds to take
all the need
the artest dont have any say
don’t copy that floppy
don’t copy that floppy
the RIAA needs more money
the RIAA needs more money
just download rare and cant seem
to get right away albums
like I do…

[SPOILER]i wrote that while i was drunk[/SPOILER]