I'm about to finally do it, after more than three years...

Ouran High School Host Club.

Episode 19.

The episode I haven’t seen yet.

The only animation of Ouran completely unviewed by my eyes.

I’m about to watch it, after all this time.


After I realized I skipped over it at first, I made it into a game.

I thought Ouran wouldn’t be dubbed, but in case it did, I reserved this specific episode to watch the dub version first.


So I wouldn’t be “tainted” by the original, and could judge the dub versus the original fairly.

Time to go.

This is a big moment for me…

Plunges in to the last “new” Ouran footage ever

That was a pretty good ep. Ended too suddenly, but I should have watched it before. It kinda changes my perspective on the second half of Ouran, actually…

I’m lost.

Is this a good or a bad thing?

This is huh… wow.

Thank you all for your incredibly in-depth insight.

I saw an episode of “Catdog” that I’ve never seen before, that was pretty awesome, so good job .

Yeah, that’s always great, when you see an episode of a show on you used to watch religiously that you hadn’t seen before.

Yeah, I started watching the OVA of Higurashi last week.

I’m watching one episode a week.

It’s nice…