IGN staffers fiddle with the PSP Go...

You’ve got to ACCENTUATE the Positive and ELIMINATE the Negative…


$250; Two hundred and fifty fucking dollars…

I hate this push towards dlc.

I want to HAVE my games with me :confused: This is upmost gay.

But it seems to be great for emulating. So I will be getting one for just that.

Guess I have to wait until either of PSP-4000 or PSP2 is coming out.

It truly is Sony’s “New Coke.”


Good points for the most part but they need to take in mind Sony doesn’t expect current PSP owners to replace their existing PSP system with a Go. The Go is for people who don’t have a library of UMDs which is why they are putting so much shit on the PS Store and why games are launching on UMDs and being available for dd.

But is that enough to make the Go a success?

Seems like a waste of money for Sony, especially since they are releasing it at $250.

You’d think that going on 4.5 years, the people who already wanted a PSP would already have one. So, how large of an audience is really into getting the PSP Go that wasn’t there before, and is willing to spend nearly $100 MORE for a system that does less?


Just wait for the day when they announce they’re going to no longer manufacture the UMD-based models… just like they did away with the PS3s with BC and emulation. Then all the original owners will be screwed and expected to buy the PSP Go as well, so they can re-buy their games.

Think I’m joking? I say, we’ll see in 2011. :disgust;