If you still care...

… My Modern Warfare 2 review.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review
warning: bad spelling…and maybe grammar.


Better weapons
Interesting Characters
Wild and full on intense sequences
Single Player is a blast from start to finish
No Russian
Spec Ops


painfully short single player mode
The story falls apart half way
Unfairly difficult
Enemy spawn points
No Russian
Hold the fort moments
The ending

This game is pretty awesome but not without the faults. The weapon selection is about twice as big from the first Modern Warfare. Each weapon has a feel and sound to them. Once you get used to a weapon you don’t want to change it with anything else unless if its a must. The characters of Modern Warfare 2 are far more interesting this time around. Now we get to see Soap’s personality more you start care for him more than you did in the first. This game is INTENSE. There are moments that just keeps getting better as you keep on going. The best moments is when you and a another character sneak past this desert base camp. The single player is painfully short. On Regular difficulty it took about 5 hours to beat but because of how short it was the game is a total blast from beginning to end. Now the No Russian the mission is a huge risk on Infinity Ward as well as Activision part. But because it’s pretty much IS the story I don’t find it wrong at all. The game gets unfairly difficult. When you get hit you “jump” back and there are “blood” stains on the screen. It may seem cool the first time but when your outgunned and outmatched it get’s into the “BULLSHIT!” factor. Even more so on harder difficulties.
The Spec Ops in a blast and it plays just like the single player but this time you can have* a friend to play with making the spec ops much more fun to play on harder difficulties. While there are no infinity respawn Enemies it has something worse. While they can be killed once and never come again the Enemies can now come out of nowhere. See that door over there? Yeah, there’s a bad guy in there. Don’t shoot at it, it won’t work. All you can do is walk past it and hope to get him before someone else gets you. There is a hold the fort moment in the middle of the game that will make the War Pig mission from the first one*scream in frustration. After a character comes back (I wont reveal who) the story falls apart. The ending is great in all but it just ends and I wanted it to keep going. Now the Multiplayer, If you played Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare then you know what you are getting into but it’s much more balanced than any other game out there. I SUCK at multiplayer games but I’ve had awesome plays that I can’t believe I can do. My highest streak so far is 11. Everything is just like you remembed it but better.

This is one of the best games to come out this year and if you have a 360 or PS3 I would HIGHLY recommend to pick this up. As for the PC players If you pick this up I won’t blame you but because of the lack of Detecated Servers be prepared to be cheated on.


Played it on the 360 on Normal difficulty and it took 5 hours and 6 minutes to complete. I’m in level 26 on multiplayer and that took around 10.