IE8 could be the end of the line for Internet Explorer


Good. Trident (IE’s rendering engine since around IE4) is incredibly outdated. An IE team developer even said that it fundamentally could not include XHTML as a content type, and each new version layers on hack over hack to get it 1% closer to web standards.

I actually had this thought a few months ago with the launch of Chrome. It definitely makes sense, even though I don’t agree with the latter statement…

Normally I wouldn’t have believed this statement, but with MS’s announcement that you can turn IE off (plus Windows Media Player, Media Center, and others) in Windows 7 I think this could actually be a possibility. Of course, the IE “brand” is still strong, so I think that the next version will be called “Internet Explorer Advanced” or somesuch with a new rendering engine. GUI will probably be similar to 7/8 though.

How much you wanna bet MS has a new browser that’s not IE out in 2011?

Well, not much… MS has a pension for defying logic…

Yeah… well my grandpa has a pension, too.

And you don’t see him giving up.


Such great news.

A guy i know who codes sites actually made a site verbally abuse you if you tried to go to it on IE and provided numerous links to other engine download sites.

Dunno if I’d go that far. :stuck_out_tongue: IE is definitely the worst of the modern browsers but “the customer is always right”, the customer in this case being site users. It’s your ineptitude as a coder that prevents things from displaying right. won’t be useful anymore than!

Also, Opera = win.