I thought everyone did this...


I recently read about this neurological “phenomenon” called Synesthesia.

It’s not a disorder or disease, it’s more of a way of looking at things.

It’s a perceptional phenomenon that is quite fascinating.

Certain people will perceive certain letters or numbers as colors and certain people will percieve different musical tones and sounds as colors.

I do the latter.

I’ve always had a “That sounds a bit purple” type of feeling when I hear certain noises. I also do it with smells and days of the week.

For example, Wednsday is a brown day.

And coffee smells red to me.

I always assumed that everyone did this.

It’s not a voluntary thing, it’s more of an association that makes telling things apart easier. That’s why I can notice the differences in sounds and music so well and I rarely lose track of the day of the week.

Pretty interesting stuff, huh?

I did it as a kid but not so much anymore.

Sunday: White
Monday: Brown
Tuesday: Blue
Wednesday: Yellow
Thursday: Turquoise
Friday: Red
Saturday: Yellow

Yeah, for me it’s more of a…

Sunday: green
Monday: blue
Tuesday: Pink
Wednsday: Brown
Thursday: yellow
Friday: Red
Saturday: Gray

And different colors represent different feelings.

But, not so much in the conventional “Red is mad and blue is sad” kind of way.

I have that but instead mine is Ordinal linguistic personification which is things have personality instead of colors.

Wait…What if you don’t see anything as a color…? But more of a scene?

Like Kumi’s face is the shade of zombie flesh-melting green, because she’s the RE Queen. :Q

I don’t know if I should feel honored or disgusted by that, Andrex… :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue: