I started a new game, since I had time to kill..

at work…

Not alot of games work well with this kind of environment, but I did find one that does. I bet we’ve all seen the 10 milion banner ads by now for it, and so i finally decided to check it out, and so far it’s been beter than I thought.

Oh yeah, it’s Evony.

The reason this game works for me, is anti grinding. Everything has a time to it’s build or development, and as you go farther into the game, it take longer and longer. Now, like most microtransactionable games, you can pay to get things to boost stats, speed development, ect, but you don’t HAVE to (at least not as I’ve seen, and I’m having fun so that’s all that matters). By the time requirements, the game is something to check in on a few times a day and start development, since everything keeps going when your not logged in. I like this model (not sure how much it’s been used before) but based on this civ/AoE hybrid it really works for me. I can start a building and research in the morning, check and start something new at lunch, then maybe spend a few extra minutes later in the day putting my army to use, or helping out Alliance members (alliance=guild).

It’s better than I thought so I just thought I’d share.
(and if you do check it out, I’m on server 23, same name, Hunters Alliance)