I hate Needles.

No, not the character portrayed by Flee in Back to the Future, Parts 2 and 3.

I mean, like, you know, Needles used to inject and extract fluids from the living.

I’m going to the doctors tomorrow to get the foot checked out, and get a physical, since I haven’t been there in almost 6 years. And I know, for one or the other, they’re going to extract blood from me.

When I was younger, I didn’t care about them. Stab me with anything, I don’t care. But now, I dunno… maybe it’s from all the “phobia” stuff of my life, but if you take my blood, I will get lightheaded and, though I never have as of yet, I may pass out.

Just THINKING about it actually makes me somewhat lightheaded. I have all the respect in the world for people who donate blood or are drug testers and whatnot, but it’s something I just can’t ever do.

I guess the silver lining is… if they need to amputate my foot… I guess getting a shot and having blood drawn won’t be TOO bad in comparison.


Stabbity stab stab!

If heroin addicts don’t have a fear of needles, then you shouldn’t too!

I used to be super afraid of needles but then my best friend got diabetes when we he was like 9 so I always saw him with needles injecting himself with insulin and got used to them.

Yeah, I hate needles too. Not as much as I hate heights, though.

I can’t say I like needles, but I’m not afraid of them. I’m more or less afraid of what’s inside of them.

Seriously…I’m not there when the doctor or nurse fills the tube. They claim it’s some vaccine that will fight off a disease or something that will make you healthy. But do we really know? Do we really!?

It could be a virus…Or some mind control shit…I don’t trust doctors. >_>

I used to hate them.

Now they’re just really, really annoying. BTW spooie, you’d get along great with Goku.

Good news is that no needles were used. Better news is that I won’t need to be injected with anything or have blood taken for at least 2.5 more years, according to the doctor, barring unseen hazards that might arise.

Son of a…

After a good day yesterday, and news that my foot would be okay and heal on it’s own, it went bad again today… so now I’m off to the podiatrist on tuesday. And I might be off of work through tuesday or longer.


damn it all.

Got the needle today. Back from the Foot Doc. Apparently I have “Neuromas,” which is described as a noncancerous, tumor-like growth made up of nerve fibers and nerve cells produced as a lump created to protect against abnormal pressure. It’s wrapped up right now. Need to get prescription shoes and I get to go back in 3 more weeks to determine if I’ll need surgery. YAY.

So this all stemmed from you wearing shoes that were too small???

Dunno what it “stemmed” from, but apparently my shoes weren’t helping. However, there are better shoes out there that will help lessen the pain and give my foot proper support, seeing as to how the sneakers I wear right now, and most on the market, as described by the doc are basically “running shoes designed for kids and teens,” which is not what I should be wearing.

I don’t care about needles at all since I had to get allergy shots for 6 years.